Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Masquerade Party @ Mardi Gras

Last Saturday, Hui got me an exclusive invi for a masquerade party at Mardi Gras, 1U with the theme “Monroe Rogue/Masquerade”.

A masquerade party! How cool is that! I have never ever attended such party before this. Hui and I went to a mall in Tun Razak that afternoon, where there are shops selling masks and renting costumes. So, ta-dah! These are are the masks that we bought!

The main focus on the night was actually a pole dancing competition. I know what comes to your mind when you see the term “pole dance”. No, it has nothing to with “strippers” or “cheap sluts”. The truth is, nowadays, many girls take up pole dance as one of their past time hobbies. There are classes available in some dancing centres.

In the middle of the performance, I noticed a girl who looked rather familiar. I thought I must have come across her on the net before. So I asked a brilliant question:

“Hey, are you. . . a blogger???”

“Yes! I thought you looked familiar!”

“OMG really??? No wonder. I thought I’ve seen you somewhere before! Are you from
Nuffnang also? What’s your name???”

“Ya! I’m . . . “ (uhm, I forgot what exactly she said, either Kelly or Kellster or soemthing=x)

“Nice to meet you! I’m Kate. Copykate!”

“Oh you are Copykate! I just saw you on
Simon’s blog the other day.

Then our conversation proceeded to Nuffnang pyjamas party and so on.

So this is Kelz whom I was talking about.

Hot babes.

Kate and K. . K something. I dunno, pronounced almost the same as mine. It can't be Keith!

Leonard is really fair, don’t you think?

Kai and Ken. I didn’t notice Ken’s blue eyes until I uploaded this picture! Reminds me of my blue eyes days XD

Babes from pole dance class.


Pole dancing is fun, even though it made me feel a little bit dizzy! I tried a little, and understood what K meant by saying “You will get addicted!”

The champion for solo.

Prize includes cash and a hamper sponsored by Loreal Paris and so on.

Belita and K, the black and white team were the champion for dual!

Meanwhile, they gave an outstanding dancer award to Belita! She’s really good, isn’t she? Who would have thought that she was an amateur pole dancer?

A group photo of the winners.

Pole dancers cakes. With big boobs ladies! XD

Leonard savouring the sugar cinnamon cake. I wonder if anyone would actually lick the sugar ladies’ boobs. ROFL.

This is one of the instructors. I must admit that she has got a pretty hot face, and all her moves are fantastic! But you know what, she gotta get rid of her cellulites. It’s freaking gross and unglam! The same goes to a few other participants. Garn. Cellulite=girls’ biggest nightmare!

Guess what was the job of these 2 guys that night? Wiping the pole after every single performance! Jeez. I bet some people looked down on them for doing such filthy job. But at the end of the night, they shocked us with their excellent pole dancing skill! OMG. Guys who do pole dance!

I love you guys! Will you be my pole??? XD

Photo of the night. The party was absolutely cool and fab! =)


Simon Seow said...

Woot! I'm fehmes.

Copykate said...

yea. LOL

Anonymous said...

I knew one of the pole dancer. ^_^

yapthomas said...

gah.. this is what i missed..
i totally ignore the invite.. ahha

Copykate said...

josh, which josh r u? lol.

ahuh, who is the pole dancer that u know? XD

Copykate said...

thomas, aww u missed a lot! the party was really cool. hot chicks around! XD

Arth Akal said...

I tried clinging onto a pole once when a female friend dared me to try it and wow, do you need a lot of strength to do all those...?! I kinda had this new found respect for pole dancers and strippers, after that.

Copykate said...

arth akal, so u've tried it? cool! surely we need lotsa strength! and you know what? almost all the dancers get big bruises on their thighs. scary!

btw, i hardly took notice of the poles on the street until i went to this party. ROFL!

joshuaongys said...

definitely not this josh hahahahahhahaha I SEE LEONARD IN HERE!! hmmmmmm

Copykate said...

joshua, you know leonard??

wEtwEtwAtEr said...

Eh! I know one of the dancers too! The one in blue cheongsam. Nice coverage u got there!

Copykate said...

wetwetwater, cool! everyone seems to know someone. LOL. oh that girl in the blue cheongsam! she's got a rather cute face XD

Anonymous said...

Bleeding nose.....

Big Boys Oven said...

wow so cool, such an eye opener! cuci mata babe! :)bigboysoven

Copykate said...

miao, LOL. hot girls yea

Copykate said...

big boys oven, yea certainly! cuci mata. LOL

Anonymous said...

eh..i know kelz also..and i know commentator joshuaongys, wetwetwater, and yapthomas wtf..LOL

Copykate said...

yatz, wtfreak? XD and now i know everybody! LOL

babychyu said...

my nose bleeding ~
sexy pose in red dress


Copykate said...

babychyu, LOL thanks! u're still sexier XD

Anonymous said...

gReat !
I was at mardigras before its launch and during the grand opening performing :D