Thursday, May 8, 2008

Donuts & Delicacies

After keeping myself at home to prevent any further damage due to my recent outbreak of emotion, I’ve decided to let go of the unhappy moments and look up for better days.

And now, I am going to blog about FOOD! Some delicacies I was pampered with for the past few days XD

1. J.CO Donut

The long queue had always made me give up on the finger licking aromatic donuts. But that day, I decided to have a little patience and queue up to buy half a dozen of it. Claim a J.Co donut from me if you can name them all =P

Don’t I look so calm and patient? Without a single grunt, unlike my usual whining self.

A failed attempt to look like a runway model infronta Coach retail. Dumbo guy obviously has no skill in taking picture -.-

“I want a Coach bag!”

It was then he started telling me that his girlfriend has never and would never go to Petaling Street. He even told me how much she abhors shopping in Sg. Wang, contrasting the fact that I had just bumped into them there a few weeks ago.

“Oh, she was forced to be there to get some stuff.”

Yea yea. That sounds very, uhm. . . convincing. LOL. Being puzzled and curious, I asked him where she usually shops at.

“Here loh! *beams proudly*” (we were at Pavilion)

“Okay. . . so she buys LV bags lah?” (was gonna say Gucci, but it’s not opened in Pavilion yet)

“If she wants LV bags then ask her to buy herself. I’m not going to pay for her.”

LMAO. Man, how much I adore you. You are like the best boyfriend in the world! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

I’m about to comment further on the girlfriend, but on second thought, he reads my blog. So, eheh, *runs*

Garn. This was supposed to be a food entry! Not a criticism post!

2. Jarrod & Rawlins

A small luxury place in a mall. There’s a closed door smoking area with a bar counter where the ang moh chill off their evening.

The cosy little haven.

Choose your own dish.

Remember her? No longer in bikini. Teehee.

Hui’s tomato soup.

My mushroom soup. So cute leh got a smiley face some more! It tastes really really good unlike the ordinary Campbell.

Olives and dried tomatoes which are supposed to be wrapped with those thin pieces of. . uhm. . i-forgot-what. =x

Bacons and sausage. I have no idea why they looked so horrid under my flash light. Trust me, they taste awesome! So the big sum we paid was actually quite worth it =P

Our later order was these 2sausages served with mustard sauce. Yummy they are, but I still prefer the first one which was “dynamite”.

p/s: you gotta order all you want in one shot because they charged us RM10 for first round grilling and an extra RM5 for our second round O.o

3. Dome

Believe it or not, it was my first time to step into Dome, since the food and beverages there aren’t exactly in my affordable range.

Guess who were here today? Ta-dah! Ahh, I'm missing them already.


Chocolate mousse cake. I still prefer Secret Re. . oops. I’m not supposed to compare and complain too much when I’m doing a food review eh? XD

The famous chicken mushroom pie. The mushroom soup was a little too creamy for my liking though.

Pancake. Nice to see, nice to eat.

Mum certainly looks awesome in her new electric blue butterfly sleeves tunic and the necklace I bought her! Too bad it was covered by the scarf already. I’m gonna borrow the tunic from her!

Dad looking young as always =)

Anyway, previously someone commented that Hui looks so much like my mum. DUH. They are sisters! XD

That’s all for today. I am never gonna post up pictures of my own cooking no matter how Eugene and Hui complimented on it! Next time, maybe. Maybe maybe maybe. (copying Katie)


Simon Seow said...

So much good food. I wan I wan.

Copykate said...

simon, wouldn't mind if u wanna treat me XD

Simon Seow said...

Treating pretty girl is my pleasure. Just send me your mobile to

Loo said...

i hereby leave a comment in copykate's blog. oh yea pls visit my blog.
HHAHAHA i am such a jerk

Copykate said...

simon, why don't u add me in msn or something? lol

Copykate said...

loo, dun nida advertise on my comment blog, u pathetic little jerk XD

ur link s already on my sidebar, hidden link on the toilet stink pic summore k. better pay me advertising fee! LOL

~YM~ said...

ah..ntg is better than good food.. :P

those are sashimi i presume?

Mrs Chong said...

walao..ur mum, dad and aunt so young one. Yummy food over there. Am thinking of having dinner at Dome for mother's day. Will try the ones you say yummy

2nd Unit 2nd Room said...

wah~! got people want to treat you to good food... simon. can i come along too? hahahaha...
as always, i am awed by the fashion sense of your parents...


i would have to say ... your mum looks great, hui looks awesome and i think it runs in the gene... :)

Anonymous said...

excuse me, when do i ever say maybe maybe maybe!

wait, do i?

Copykate said...

hello ping ping, thanks for your compliment! XD

oh u're celebrating mothers' day there huh? good for you! i don't even get to go home X(

Copykate said...

unclejosh, yes you can come along and be my photographer. LOL. hey, i'm not implying that your photographing skill is good k! XD

yep, they certainly know how to dress up =)

and regarding the look, yeshhh it runs in the gene! XDDDD

Copykate said...

katie, you did! in msn! when i asked u whether u r coming up to kl! jeez

Anonymous said...

food, i love food. in sibu there's nothing non foochow food here. i miss kl life very much... oh btw, it that your dad? lol hehehe he looks cool :P

Copykate said...

oh ya ~ym~, salami i guess XD

Copykate said...

jg, i thought you're at miri?

yes that's my dad. you've seen his pix before wat XD

Mei-Wah said...

hey kate!

you way of writing are so cute lor! i heart... (^___^) keep up the good work of writing witty stuffs like what you have been doing now... it's hilarious and enjoyable for us to read...

Copykate said...

my way of writing? it's bimbotic! so you love bimbo stuff? XD

aww, anyway thanks so much mei wah! *hugs*