Sunday, May 4, 2008

Low Yat Is Boring


Everything seems so worthless. Sigh. For the whole morning I’ve been clicking on links and reading many many blogs while eating my J.Co leftover and a packet of nasi lemak. Meanwhile I am savouring the freshly-baked chocolate raisin cake which has just been taken out from the oven. I swear this must be the best dessert I’ve ever taken in the entire week.

Someone is ignoring my text, which makes me feel even more depressed than ever. Right now I’m so overwhelmed by guilt for making one so jealous and upset. Not like I’ve ever been a considerate girl who cares about what others think or feel, really. But I’m not exactly a selfish bitch either. If my joy would lead to someone else’s pain and sorrow, I wish God would take away my indulgence.

My life has been quite a big mess for the past few weeks that I don’t even know what I’m doing. Why ah why ah why ah? I wish I could tell you that my life is all happy and wonderful like all you see, but hey, surely there are ups and downs in everyone’s life eh? I’m not a saint, and never shall be. Feeling better now that I’m blurting out whatever rubbish I have in mind, at the same time assuring myself that life always goes that way. It will be fine after all the dramas are over =)



I’ve just spent my entire afternoon in Low Yat! It is probably the most boring place ever in KL! OMG I had no choice but to follow auntie and uncle there since they drove there straight after lunch. I don’t care whether you’re in love with iPhone or iPod or icecream ibbq iwhatever, I say LOW YAT IS THE MOST BORING PLACE EVER! Grr. I was so tired and bored thus nearly broke down and cried. If only I have a magic wand that could turn them phones and laptops into clothes and shoes. Wtfreak wouldn’t that be awesome???

The only thing that attracted me was this Vaio CR laptop in luxury pink! Written on the brochure: “She’s my princess”!


RM4488. I want it!!! It’s time to change my laptop already. I need a new laptop! My old laptop is boring and sucky. I need the pink Vaoi! I want it! I want it so badly! I already have a matching pink mouse, so I will get another matching pink pouch! I know, pink is really cliché, but it’s so fabulous that I can’t help liking it! Any suggestion? Maybe I should start saving.

Did I tell you that I am very very broke now? Topshop is having their mid season sales, but I don’t even have enough to spend! Some items are really really cheap after discount. And wtfreak, I spotted a few Little Miss boyshorts in the Pavilion branch yesterday! I’ve been looking for them since forever! Gawd, I really should start starving myself next week so I can get those undies!

By the way, I’m considering of retaking my SAT. Don’t ask me why, I just thought I could have done better. But that means I’m gonna go through all the suffering again! Mehhh, haven’t I had enough last year? But I’m having a sudden strange urge of buying a new Princeton test book and completing all the practice tests! But then I would have to flip through my dictionary every 5seconds! But I would be on top of the world if I achieve the score I want! But what if I score lower than the previous time??? But but but. . .

#1: Just shuddup and go sign up for the test.
#2: Forget it. You know you are never gonna make it.

What say you?

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Anonymous said...

you seems like so free... u need no study meh?? where u going to start ur SAT? INTEC ar??

Anonymous said...

y ur eyes a big and 1 small 1 ?? soli 2 say tat...

Copykate said...

wadya mean start my SAT? retake it myself duh. still under consideration.

Copykate said...

my eyes are indeed 1big 1small. glad that u noticed =)

joshuaongys said...

hahahahahaha turn the laptops into shoes is hahahahahahhahaha

nyway your life has been quite a mess??? lolx u taking drugs ar


Copykate said...

joshua, nah i dun take drugs! i dun wanna be sent into rehab! *cries*