Monday, May 27, 2013

Dope Fashion Update

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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Phuket - Phi Phi Island Tour

Island tour is one of the things from the must-do list in Phuket. Previously there was a Groupon deal for Phuket tour but we didn’t want to go through the hassle of contacting and locating the tour agency so decided to book a tour impromptu when we were there. Before I start the post, read my review on Sea Sun Sand Resort & Spa and my bikini self-portrait loaded post at Patong beach if you haven’t! XD

Walking along the streets at Patong, we came across so many stalls with island tour brochures on display. So many types of tours offered by different agencies, most advertising at super overpriced rates. The boy suggested that we book a tour from the hotel desk saying that it’s safer and more reliable when I saw the price I freaked out and insisted NO! 3600 baht per person for a normal island tour in a speed boat?! Such a rip off!!! No Asian in the right head would pay for that! Stingy and calculative Asian like me.

True there are so many agencies selling their tours for prices above 3000 baht, but it’s not exactly impossible to find an ideal-priced one. From the past reviews and experiences I read, I decided that the maximum price I would pay is 1800 baht. Anything below 1500 baht should be considered a bargain. If I’m not mistaken the deal at Groupon was RM150 although it didn’t include snorkeling equipment rental.

After going through a few brochures here and there, I decided to go for a Phi Phi Island speed boat tour by Sea Angel Cruise which was priced at 1500 baht (surprisingly cheap!). Was quite worried cause they didn’t exactly have a shop but just a small shabby stall. What if it’s a scam? What if she cheats our money and disappears?? But these are the risks I was ready to take for a bargained price like this. Besides if we get cheated it would be RM300 only anyway. Zui duo forget about the island tour lo. LOL.

The lady offered us 1300 baht each which was 200 baht cheaper than the price stated! I was thinking wow this business must be real competitive else she wouldn’t reduce the price for us. But at the same time I thought, so cheap already still got discount? Fishy fishy. But anyhow in the end the tour van really showed up at our resort so we didn’t get cheated! Hiak hiak.

Trust me, there’s really no difference between a 1500 baht tour and a 3500 baht one. Same itenary, same location, same treatment. In fact I think everyone on our boat paid different prices because I saw the same tour company – Sea Angel having a few differently-priced brochures advertising the same thing. The price you pay really depends on how much research you’re willing to do and how capable you are to bargain.

Woke up at 6.30am to dress up, do my make up and went for breakfast before the van picked us up at 7.45am. Make up for picture purpose, don’t judge! Reached the pier, gathered for instructions and all then off we go! There were 4 speed boats in total departing from Sea Angel Pier that morning. Our tour includes 3 islands which are Phi Phi Lay, Phi Phi Don and Khai Island.

First stop was Maya Beach. The beach was so crowded with tourists and there was nothing better to do besides sun tanning. No snorkeling or fish feeding as there wasn’t any fish and corals there.

Despite the lack of activity, the beautiful view was exactly like what you would see in post cards and advertisements though. 

Half of the time I was just dipping my feet into the cold water while admiring the beautiful scenery.

Left the beach after a brief moment and was brought to see Viking Cave. Just a ruin, nothing much to see and we didn’t enter the cave. Just passed by and checked out the place from quite a distance away.

Somewhere near Viking Cave was James Bond Bay (not James Bond Island) with extremely beautiful blue lagoon! See how blue the water was!!! No filter. Amazing!

According to the tour guide, Leonardo Dicaprio dived into the blue lagoon in one of his movies.

Next stop was Monkey Beach. The ang mohs were quite fascinated with the monkeys but for me it was just meh. I grew up seeing monkeys at the Tanjung in Muar and they look exactly like these monkeys so there was nothing special.

After that we were finally brought to the snorkeling site! I can’t swim and I didn’t want to scare myself entering the deep water so I decided to stay onboard. Effing dizzy staying on the boat, had to stand up, inhaled some fresh air and and looked afar to avoid puking.

Snorkeling equipment was included in the tour but we had the option to rent the flipper for 100 Baht per pair.

If you don’t rent the flipper, you might risk hurting yourself stepping on sea urchin.

Black nasty thorny creatures! Expensive cuisine though. Teehee.

Plenty of fishes (albeit only 1 species -.-) there so I entertained myself throwing breads into the sea and watching them fight over it XD The boy took some photos and videos underwater for me since I couldn’t see them for myself.

Oh hello strangers.

Our buffet lunch was served at a small island.

Not impressive but edible. Couldn’t really complain after my long battle with that puking sensation T_T

Our final stop was Khai Island where we were given a long time to relax.

1500 Baht for a pair of beach chair. The island was really small so the shore was filled with speedboats that caused such an eyesore.

Free fruits and soft drinks as they were included in our package. They went around serving us some more! Teehee.

Chang beer was 30 Baht at the local marts but 80 Baht at the beach. Still cheap after all!

Some stalls selling barbequed seafood and corns.

I can haz Pina Colada! ^^

Got into the water and cooled our body before leaving. Fed the fishes again!

Beware, the fishes bite! Hiak hiak.

Over all Phi Phi Island was good but not awesome. The view was impressive but I dislike the vast number of tourists. Not the perfect place for snorkeling either as there wasn’t any corals. Go for the experience if you haven’t been. But if you’re tight on schedule, I would recommend you to skip the tour and relax at Patong beach instead :)

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Afternoon Tea at L. Table by Lavender

When was the last time since I last got my hair braided? High school maybe?

No, I never knew how to braid it myself. Figured I needed a different HOTD instead of the usual thick and messy mane so I managed to get the maid to do it yesterday XD

Love my new tribal print blouse from dad’s boutique! One of the many pretty stuff I got when I went back fro the election last weekend ^^

Was at 1 Utama yesterday and needed a place for afternoon tea. Always wanted to try the 3-tier tea set at Delicious but I was too full after lunch to go for that. Went to L. Table at Lavender instead. There isn’t many choice for tea at 1U after all.

There’s a RM28 tea-set available at L. Table but we ordered ala carte instead.

Jasmine Pearl Rose Tea. Good for sharing.

Belgium waffle topped with ice-cream. And the waffles come in heart shapes! So pretty and yummy!

Messy Napoleon. There’s a reason behind this name. Try cutting into the crunchy pieces and you’ll get it. There are pieces of peach and just the right amount of cream in between the layers. Simply delicious!

L. Table has got the perfect ambience for a casual afternoon tea and most of their desserts and drinks are of affordable price range :)

On a random note, I bought a necklace with my initial engraved on the heart-shaped pendant. Lovely, isn’t it?

The necklace wasn't for me though. LOL.

Tribal print blouse – Attack
Scallop shorts – Bangkok
Belt - Attack
Shoes – Mixit
Neverfull – Louis Vuitton
Clic Clac Bracelet - Hermes

L. Table by Lavender
Address: G213, Ground Floor,
1 Utama Shopping Centre.
Tel: 03- 7728 6933