Thursday, May 9, 2013

Suara Rakyat Suara Keramat by Anwar Ibrahim @ Stadium Kelana Jaya

Tonight, on 8th of May 2013, I feel proud to have attended Suara Rakyat Suara Keramat, the speech gathering by Anwar Ibrahim held at Stadium Kelana Jaya!

Me: I'm wearing Giyongchy!
Le friend: What's that?
Me: K-pop
Le friend: You think you attending concert ah?
Me: Yea, Anwar's concert XD

So exhausted right now and my feet still feel sore from all the walking, but I’m full of joy and patriotic spirit right now!

I’m glad I insisted to attend the spectacular event tonight, otherwise I would have missed the opportunity to witness our rakyat of all races being so united. The massive crowd consisted of Malay, Chinese and Indians. In fact I can assure you that it would be a joke to label it as a Chinese tsunami!

Tell me again how is this a Chinese tsunami???

Contrary to the previous belief, there was no commotion, no police, no block, no arrest and no harassment by the BN party. Any BN supporter in their right mind would have stayed away from that place or even pretend to be supporting the opposition after seeing the number of people clad in black! You should have realized by now that those fear and hoax predictions were merely inflicted by the evil ones who wanted to stop you from attending the talk. How could we let them beat down our spirit?

There were at least hundred thousands of people who filled up the entire stadium, and not forgetting most of them who were stuck outside. We went through the jam along the LDP for an hour or so, after which we had to deal with the most tedious task that night – looking for a parking spot. Hundreds and thousands of cars were already filling up all the spaces available, even along every roadside. It was like a concert, only far worse. Spotted a few buses that I assume are from other states. My place was of a short distance from Kelana Jaya, what more excuses do I have?

The scene at Paradigm Mall was crazy! A huge bunch of men and women boys and girls dressed in black parading out of the mall towards the direction of the stadium! Some were holding PKR’s flags and shouting slogans to boost the atmosphere.

Told myself no matter how far we were to walk, we had to reach the stadium anyhow. As expected, it was almost like a joyous carnival. Vendors selling food and merchandise here and there! LOL. Pesta ria! Headed towards the entrance straight anyway, cause we couldn’t wait.

At the entrance

Wah liddat how to enter? :(

Then we encountered our second biggest challenge of the night – entering the stadium. The stadium was already filled up with people by the time, and people outside were having difficulties making their way in. It was almost like an adventure I tell you! For some reason there were obstacles like heavy sponge twice the size of my bed and some other weird stuff piling up on the entrance. We had to climb and cross and jump and dodge and hold on to anything within our reach to avoid falling and getting trampled on and die wtf. Lucky for us there was this group of people who were making way for a so-called YB, and they let us the ladies pass first. Our group of 4 somehow got separated at the entrance so it was just me and Weiyi who managed to get in. Was quite surprised the other 2 didn’t even enter the stadium for the whole night!

Anyway, Anwar wasn’t the only speaker that night. There were other politicians whose faces I could never see cause it was too damn far away. Even the projector was tiny when viewed from my position. But one thing for sure, everyone was very semangat, cheered and shouted and blew their vuvuzela every now and then. It was as if we were watching the World Cup match.

Most of the speeches were made up of slogans like Bangkit rakyat! BN undur! Reformasi! SPR part of UMNO etc and obviously, the Chinese tsunami topic was brought in. This was a Malaysian tsunami, not Chinese tsunami!

We were actually quite comfortably seated on the stadium ground. No standing, no pushing, no shoving, no suffocating. But had to deal with the cold wet ground which itched my butt later on lah lol. 

Today, I am truly proud to be a Malaysian. We respect different races, we stand together united and fight for our nation as one!

Apa lagi Cina mahu?

We want a clean election without cheating.
We want to be treated fairly as Malaysians without crude remarks on our race.
We want a non-corrupted government who prioritize our welfare.

Bukan Cina sahaja tapi Melayu, India dan semua rakyat pun mahu!

We want reformation!

要安不要鸡! LOL

The loud and happening congestion by the time we left XD

The event ended with our national anthem which almost made me tear. Let our voices be heard my fellow Malaysians, I am so happy and proud of you all! :’)


bacterium said...

all these pics without you holding any pkr,dap,pas flag.. could have borrowed one temporarily.

Copykate said...

bacterium: in fact there's too little photos of me. and all self-portrait wtf. should have taken more :(

Xue Ren said...

it was indeed a peaceful demonstrations. how i wish i could be part of the event too! =X