Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 in 10 Brief Summary

1. Beach vacation twice - once in Phuket and once in Bali

2. Tried kopi luwak, the most expensive coffee in the world

3. Participated in a political rally for the very first time

4. Chopped off my long hair

5. Graduated from Bachelor of Accounting, Banking & Finance with CGPA 6.5/7.0. Waved bye to campus life but not to the happy moments we shared throughout the 3 years

6. Discovered a new passion towards coffee (art)

7. Celebrated birthday with 2 besties for the first time in years

8. Ups and downs, laughter and tears with my beloveds

9. Started my first full-time job. Joined as a management trainee and met many amazing fresh grads who will always be friends rather than colleagues

10. Shifted to a new crib, which from then on begins a new chapter of my life

Thank you, 2013!

Let us reflect on the past as we embrace the new year with hope and eagerness.

Happy New Year and have a great holiday! :)

Sunday, December 22, 2013

[ADV] WeChat x Remedy Christmas & New Year Celebration

Last Wednesday, I had my very first Christmas party with fellow bloggers at Remedy Plus, Scott Garden thanks to WeChat Malaysia!

Upon arrival, we were given some cute Christmas accessories like the bouncing headband and the glowing snowman I was wearing.

WeChat babes who ushered us into the entrance.

It was a joyful night with friends catching up over drinks and live band playing in the background. And not forgetting, Remedy Plus was beautifully decorated with white snowflakes. We are so in the Christmas mood already!

Check out Chloe’s pretty velvet dress. Dress up accordingly to the Christmas theme! ^^

Was happy to see Jane that night! We haven’t seen each other for ages! Still pretty as ever :)

With Samantha, Ashley and Mandy.

Good news for WeChatters! In conjunction with Christmas & New Year, WeChat & The Remedy are offering WeChat users a special promo of BUY 1st Pint of Beer @ RM 18 and Get 2nd Pint ABSOLUTELY FREE!

The promotion will be running from the 19th Dec 2013 to 2nd Jan 2014.

To redeem the offer, all you have to do is to follow the Remedy Official Account, WeChat ID: TheRemedyKL or scan the QR Code below and click on the pop up message to redeem.

Then, flash your voucher to the cashier/staff when your beers are served. That's it!

Don’t miss out the great opportunity this festive season at The Remedy and Remedy Plus. See you guys at Scott Garden!

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Le Spa Beauty & Wellness @ Damansara Perdana

To name a few common symptoms once you enter the work force – deteriorating eyesight, worsening skin condition, fatigue, back and shoulder pain etc. To get rid of the latter, I took some effort to look up for a nice massage parlour around Klang Valley. Of course for someone like me who just started work, we can’t afford the luxury of paying 3 figures for one session of massage. However, I refused to settle for dodgy-looking cheap massage parlour where one could possibly pay for a happy-ending. At last, I found one beautiful yet affordable spa centre with the aid of google!

Nude face, because who wears make up to spa?

Located at one of the shop lots at Damansara Perdana, Le Spa Beauty & Wellness is truly a hidden gem yet to be discovered. Heck, who would know such a beautiful place exists above that boring building?? Stepping into the waiting area, I was already amazed by the flooring and interior design.

Shared this photo on one of my group chat, then someone asked if I’m sure that I’m at a massage place because this looks more like a bar! LOL. Pretty cool, isn’t it? Guests can sit at the bar stool anytime before or after the massage to enjoy their complementary tea with the tranquilizing music playing in the background.

You know how certain spa are restricted for female only? Especially those that are selling deals. Really frustrating. Le Spa allows men to enjoy their service as well provided that they are accompanied by a female companion.

Was early for our session so we waited at the common area. Waiting has never felt better!

Was ushered into the changing room when it was our turn. There are a few locker for us to keep our bags and clothes. Clothes cause we were supposed to change into the robe provided.

Discovered a sauna room somewhere around the corner!

Don’t ask me why I was wearing clothes in the sauna. Solely for picture purpose.

The sauna is FOC and you can stay in there for as long as you want. I wouldn’t stay more than 2 minutes inside though because by then my contact lens would melt wtf. If you are interested to use the sauna, call and inform in advance so they can heat it up on time.

The 75-minute package we bought is inclusive of a 15-minute foot spa and scrub session whereby you dip your feet into a basin filled with some flowers and herbs. And of course, have your feet scrubbed while you laughed hysterically in ticklish agony. Didn’t get to snap photo of this cause my phone was kept in the locker.

Soon, we were ushered into the dim-lit massage room! It looked just like the phtos from the website! I love this place already!

Attap roof, canopy curtain, pebbles on the ground.

On the day of our visit there were only 2 masseurs so even though there are enough space to accommodate more guests, we managed to have a little privacy.

My massage bed. So beautiful!

The masseurs are 2 Thai ladies. As far as I’m concern they can converse in simple Mandarin but not English. Their Thai traditional massage skill was good albeit a tad bit painful. Apparently the more tired and strained your muscles are, the more pain you would feel. They also massaged my abdomen and tried to release the toxic substance from within my body or something. Felt as if she was performing a uterus removal surgery on me wtf. Okay better not make it sound so horrifying! I’m actually going there again today for their massage XD

75-minute package (RM48) includes:
  •        60-minute traditional Thai massage
  •       15-minute foot spa and scrub

I topped up another RM10 to get aromatherapy massage. They are quite generous with their massage oil.

The usual price is RM197 but right now there is an ongoing promotion. Prior booking is recommended. Go ahead and pamper yourself at Le Spa! :)

Le Spa Beauty & Wellness
Address: No. 31-2, Jalan PJU8/5A,
Damansara Perdana,
Petaling Jaya, Selangor 47820.
Tel: 016- 993 9628

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Garage 51 @ Bandar Sunway

Nutella Latte was yummy albeit a tad bit too sweet for some's liking. 
Still an interesting choice nevertheless.

Garage 51
Address: 51, Jalan PJS 11/9,
Bandar Sunway,
46150 Selangor.
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Garage51MY
Opening hour: 11am-11pm

Thursday, December 5, 2013

10 Ways to Show that You Have Got Your Life Figured Out

1. Suit up
There is nothing better that portrays seriousness than a man in suit and tie. If you are a woman, pick a 2-tone knee-length dress - nothing too dull and officer-like but one that is sufficiently fitting to show your curves. Wear or carry a blazer around to show that you are always prepared for an emergency client meeting or any circumstances as such. Of course, outfit itself is merely a basic step. To top up your appearance, always carry a calendar notebook and a Mont Blanc-resembling black pen (most probably from Papermate as you can't afford even the tip of Mont Blanc pen LOL). Put one on hold while you flip through your calendar which has been scribbled all over before confirming your availability for any date.

2. Start investing 
Property investment, stock exchange, mutual funds etc, you gotta have one of them! Or at least, start a new hobby of reading investment brochure so the next time someone asked you about stocks, you'll be able to brag about your knowledge on Twitter's IPO. Show the world you have an absolute control over your income and is farsighted in terms of financial planning. Not a risk taker? Buy an insurance. Place your money into FD. Heck, even buying designer bags is considered a good investment! Just make sure you go for durable calf skin products, not cheap canvas handbags like those that I own (as far as I could afford, sadly). Stick to the classic. After all, no one wants a seasonal item with the lifespan of a housefly. 

3. Drink coffee
Correction on my sentence earlier. If there is anything I enjoy more than reading a book on a peaceful Sunday afternoon, it is sipping a cup of hot latte at a cosy coffee place. Latte must be accompanied by unique coffee art for my album collection.

Go for an extra shot when needed. The need for caffeine indirectly tell others that you are an important person who have important tasks on hand and hence you need extra dosage of caffeine to reenergize.

4. Cook!
There is nothing more attractive than a man in apron.

Regardless which gender you are, being able to cook is definitely an additional point. Emphasize the importance of home-cooked food by pointing on the amount of MSG and oil when you eat out. Hair loss, weight gain, poor health, always put the blame on MSG. If possible, pretend to come out with your own recipe even if it tastes awful. What are the chances that people will borrow your recipe anyway? Even if they do and the food turned out like crap, it is their fault for not blessed with the natural culinary skills.

5. Be a career planner 
So it's been only 6 months since you graduated from uni and your CV is nothing longer than half a page. It doesn't matter, you can still be a career expert everyone looks up upon! Start giving career advice to your juniors and even your peers. Be equipped with basic knowledge and current issues of all industries eg. Which is the best investment bank in the country? Which among the big 4 accounting firms offer the best corporate finance job? Who is the developer working on the MRT project? What is the higher paying government firm? Which PR company has the best client etc etc. Be firm and certain when giving your opinion as this will show that you are confident and believe in what you speak of. Who else would emulate your carefully drawn out career plan if you yourself aren't even sure of it?

6. Know your cocktails
The next time you go on a Friday night out with fellow colleagues, order yourself a classic cocktail. Take no longer than 60 seconds to flip through the beverage menu before placing your order. Be it Sangria, Daiquiri or Sex on the Beach, always choose something you are familiar with. Better still, know the ingredients and offer to make your favourite cocktail for the next house party. You know the house party they have long discussed will forever be postponed or never happen. When the day comes, it's never too late to google for the procedure and go for a trial-and-error basis XD

If you are a man, always order something on the rock. Anything on the rock makes you cool and macho.
Beer is a no no. It simply shows how dull and cheapskate you are. Well unless the rest of the group insists on a tower. Just shut up and show off your cocktail knowledge the next time you hang out with a cooler gang.

7. Take your supplement
Vitamin C or probiotic or whatever (whatever because those 2 mentioned are the only supplement I take), Store your pills in a container separated into daily dosage to show that you are an organized and responsible person who takes health as priority. It is also an indicator to others that you are aware of your health condition and is taking steps to enhance it.

8. Read a book
No, text books and bible don’t count. Always have a novel wherever you go. Personally, I don’t believe in self-help so I always go for fiction. I used to read classical during high school (peer influence wtf) but soon I discovered that they are the most boring of all genres. Moved on to chick flicks later which I must say contributed significantly to the bimbotic person I am today LOL. Oh, and I must proudly announce that I had already finished all 7 of Harry Potter books last year (kinda late I know, used to think they were too thick so I didn’t want to read). Reading isn’t exactly Asian culture. If you want the easy way out, at least know a few famous authors like Dan Brown, Agatha Christie, Jodi Picoult, John Grisham and Sophie Kinsella (Confession of a shopaholic!!!). No Stephanie Meyer in the list since I don’t read Twilight. Pick up their books in the book store, skim through the summary and read the last page. There, you have just finished the entire book! Teehee. Of course, that is not what I usually do. There is nothing I enjoy more than reading a good book on a peaceful Sunday afternoon.

9. Be familiar with countries
Browse through Tripadvisor and memorize the famous tourist spots all across the globe. Just because you are too poor to travel to Europe doesn’t mean that you should be oblivious of the Lourve museum.

The next time someone brags about going to Paris, you are at least able to request him to bring back some Laduree macarons. As for countries you have been to, don’t forget the places you have been. “I know that restaurant along Hongdae street that serves the best Dak Galbi! I will send you the address for you to look it up on your next visit!”

10. Pick up a new language

If you are a Malaysian or Singaporean, Mandarin and Malay don’t count as new language. We are raised to be articulate in 3 languages that it’s no longer a big deal. However if you can speak an additional language (Japanese and Korean are the norm these days), not only potential employer, but people in general will be impressed.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Magnificent Bali - Kopi Luwak Farm and Kintamani Volcano

After a good long lunch at Bebek Tepi Sawah, we were brought up the hill at Ubud.

When in Bali, must visit Kopi Luwak farm!

Kopi Luwak is the most expensive coffee in the world produced from civet’s excretion. So it’s literally shit coffee, but the most expensive of all coffee!

Somewhere on the volcano hill there was a coffee farm that produces Luwak coffee. Was excited to check out the process of coffee making and at the same time, to taste this legendary coffee myself.

Did you know that coffee beans come from coffee berries? I didn't. I thought they were just. .  beans.

Those are cocoa, not starfruits. LOL.

Fat cow grazing.

Me and the fat cow wtf.

Some alien-looking plant.

Mint leaves.

The civet cat!!!

“Watchu looking at huh?” Civet was clearly unamused.

It’s day time so its sleeping. The civet is usually active at night.

Fed this active one some banana. Teehee.

According to the host, these civets are solely for exhibition purpose. The coffee beans come from the wild civets that roam around the forest. You can’t force feed civets coffee berries as they only eat what they pick. In other words the workers of the farm have to go around hunting for their excretion. LOL.

The coffee-making process here is purely traditional. No high-tech equipment or whatsoever.

Frying the coffee beans. Not even using a stove yo! Just some woods and charcoal. Amazing.

Free coffee tasting session after the tour. We were given 9 flavours of coffee to try!

Some of them tasted quite awful. Our favourites were ginseng and coconut.

The mountain view from the place we were sitting.

No free Luwak coffee unfortunately! Paid RM15 for a tiny cup just to try it out. Still, its way cheaper than the selling price out there.

How does it taste? I can tell you that Angela and Meiyan both hated it! LOL. They gave up after one sip. I found it okay but not amazing. It’s definitely different from the usual coffee I drink. It’s way thicker and the texture is as if someone added hot water into half a cup of soil. After finishing the coffee, you will see plenty of soil-looking substance on the bottom of the cup. I suppose those are civet shit XD

Of course, they wouldn’t give us free coffee for no reason. We were brought to the sales gallery with a variety of coffee on display. Purchase is not mandatory, but of course if we don’t buy also paiseh la after all their hard work. The factory peeps are quite friendly and down to earth after all. They deserve some reward :)

Went further uphill to watch the view of Kintamani volcano. It was quite a pleasant drive as the air was fresh and cooling. Except certain part when we smelt cow dung used as fertilizers at some farm T_T

The journey was so damn worth it! The view of Kintamani volcano was breathtaking!!!

So magnificent! It’s the kind of view I would love to capture with my own eyes and store in my permanent memory.

Thank God the weather was great and the mountain was free from misty clouds hence we could enjoy such amazing view. We spent quite some time there admiring the beautiful scenery while breathing in the fresh mountain air.

Panoramic view.

The beauty of nature. They are real. They don’t only exist in postcard and computer wallpaper!

Group selca before we bid goodbye to Kintamani. 2nd day at Bali, and we were truthfully awed :)