Saturday, December 14, 2013

Le Spa Beauty & Wellness @ Damansara Perdana

To name a few common symptoms once you enter the work force – deteriorating eyesight, worsening skin condition, fatigue, back and shoulder pain etc. To get rid of the latter, I took some effort to look up for a nice massage parlour around Klang Valley. Of course for someone like me who just started work, we can’t afford the luxury of paying 3 figures for one session of massage. However, I refused to settle for dodgy-looking cheap massage parlour where one could possibly pay for a happy-ending. At last, I found one beautiful yet affordable spa centre with the aid of google!

Nude face, because who wears make up to spa?

Located at one of the shop lots at Damansara Perdana, Le Spa Beauty & Wellness is truly a hidden gem yet to be discovered. Heck, who would know such a beautiful place exists above that boring building?? Stepping into the waiting area, I was already amazed by the flooring and interior design.

Shared this photo on one of my group chat, then someone asked if I’m sure that I’m at a massage place because this looks more like a bar! LOL. Pretty cool, isn’t it? Guests can sit at the bar stool anytime before or after the massage to enjoy their complementary tea with the tranquilizing music playing in the background.

You know how certain spa are restricted for female only? Especially those that are selling deals. Really frustrating. Le Spa allows men to enjoy their service as well provided that they are accompanied by a female companion.

Was early for our session so we waited at the common area. Waiting has never felt better!

Was ushered into the changing room when it was our turn. There are a few locker for us to keep our bags and clothes. Clothes cause we were supposed to change into the robe provided.

Discovered a sauna room somewhere around the corner!

Don’t ask me why I was wearing clothes in the sauna. Solely for picture purpose.

The sauna is FOC and you can stay in there for as long as you want. I wouldn’t stay more than 2 minutes inside though because by then my contact lens would melt wtf. If you are interested to use the sauna, call and inform in advance so they can heat it up on time.

The 75-minute package we bought is inclusive of a 15-minute foot spa and scrub session whereby you dip your feet into a basin filled with some flowers and herbs. And of course, have your feet scrubbed while you laughed hysterically in ticklish agony. Didn’t get to snap photo of this cause my phone was kept in the locker.

Soon, we were ushered into the dim-lit massage room! It looked just like the phtos from the website! I love this place already!

Attap roof, canopy curtain, pebbles on the ground.

On the day of our visit there were only 2 masseurs so even though there are enough space to accommodate more guests, we managed to have a little privacy.

My massage bed. So beautiful!

The masseurs are 2 Thai ladies. As far as I’m concern they can converse in simple Mandarin but not English. Their Thai traditional massage skill was good albeit a tad bit painful. Apparently the more tired and strained your muscles are, the more pain you would feel. They also massaged my abdomen and tried to release the toxic substance from within my body or something. Felt as if she was performing a uterus removal surgery on me wtf. Okay better not make it sound so horrifying! I’m actually going there again today for their massage XD

75-minute package (RM48) includes:
  •        60-minute traditional Thai massage
  •       15-minute foot spa and scrub

I topped up another RM10 to get aromatherapy massage. They are quite generous with their massage oil.

The usual price is RM197 but right now there is an ongoing promotion. Prior booking is recommended. Go ahead and pamper yourself at Le Spa! :)

Le Spa Beauty & Wellness
Address: No. 31-2, Jalan PJU8/5A,
Damansara Perdana,
Petaling Jaya, Selangor 47820.
Tel: 016- 993 9628

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Vanessa Moses said...

Read your review at your blog on Le spa... looks good. sadly they dont have the promotion anymore :(