Sunday, January 31, 2016

Container Market @ Sunway Nexis, Kota Damansara

Paid a visit to the Container Market event at Sunway Nexis, Kota Damansara during the weekend. I expected a crowded market with at least 50 stalls, but instead, it was quite a small-scaled bazaar. Just a few fashion stalls like those you would see at flea markets, mostly promoting Shopee app. 20% off certain items if you have a Shopee account! (I installed it on the spot lol). Of course, there were a few stalls and trucks selling snacks too, but nothing spectacular.

This stall that sells customize accessories caught my attention.

I have always wanted a passport cover! Comes in pink shades that I love!

For a reasonable price, you get to the passport cover together with a name tag and a charm.

Pick your own colour tag and they will get your name embossed on the spot. Embossing on the leather itself is possible too but they will have to get it done at the factory.

So many charms I took quite a while to decide!

Tadah~ Picked a cat at last. Because people always associate me with cats :/

Came back and shared the end product with my besties. Turns out they all love it! So I placed order for them via whatsapp and paid a visit to Nexis to collect again. A shoutout to Esther for the great service! :)

Angela's and Rachel's. All picked the same colour wtf XD

Katie's. Omg the baby pink is so pretty and that little horsie is so cute! This colour was actually my second choice. I took quite some time choosing between baby pink or pink. Was afraid I would dirty the baby pink one :(

The horse so cute la!!! It is our Chinese zodiac ^^ (unintentionally revealed age :x)

Was supposed to get one for Jess too but she already has one with the same tag and charm. Looking forward to our next trip together!

Ended up buying a paid of sandals while I was there for the second time. Oh well, there was 20% discount with Shopee account anyway. Teehee.

If you would like to get the personalized passport cover too, do check out Juize by Five's Facebook page:

They sell other customized accessories like clutch, land yard and key holder too! :)

Some of the snacks stalls there. 2 packs of Perfecto popcorn + 1 bottle of potato chips for 8 bucks only. Cheap! Bought it!

According to the poster, the Container Market is still ongoing from 1-5 February. But according to the accessories stall and the shoes stall I visited, it was already their last day. Perhaps there will be other stalls taking over their spot next week.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Waterway Villa, Bentong

OOTD - My Saturday be like this 

Weekend escapade at The Waterway Villa (fka Kin Tick Village). Located in between Genting Highlands and Bukit Tinggi, about 45 minutes drive from KL.

We checked into Bali Villa which was wooden with high ceilings. No worries about not having air-con the forest gets chilly at night.

All greens at the surrounding. There's mosquito net installed on every window!

Not your typical 5-star hotel. Very village away-from-the-city style. Food and activities provided for. Would highly recommend for a short weekend getaway group stay.

The Waterway Villa
Address: PT21564, Bt 7,
Jalan Kuala Lumpur Lama,
Bukit Tinggi, 28750,
Bentong, Pahang, Malaysia.
Tel: 03-33433888

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Burberry Celebrates Lunar New Year 2016


Burberry celebrates the Lunar New Year holiday season with a dedicated experience on Chinese social messaging platform WeChat, and a gifting assortment of iconic products for men and women. Building on its long-standing partnership with the platform, the Burberry WeChat account has launched ‘A Lunar New Year Gift’, a dedicated interactive messaging service for its followers.

The experience invites users to use native app functionality – tapping, swiping and shaking – to unwrap some of the brand’s iconic gifts. At the end of the experience, users can also create and personalise digital Lunar New Year envelopes to send to friends and family to celebrate the holiday through the platform. WeChat users in China will also be given the chance to win limited edition physical Burberry Lunar New Year envelopes.

Burberry first partnered with WeChat in February 2014 with the launch of personalised platform activity during the brand’s womenswear show in London, followed by a platform-exclusive experience for Burberry’s event in Shanghai in April 2014. Through a parallel social event experience, followers were able to interact with a series of London and Shanghai skylines by shaking, swiping or tapping their devices before the event. After the event, interactive event panoramas could be brought to life, allowing users to immerse themselves in dynamic, 360° views of the London and Shanghai set. The Burberry gift assortment for the season highlights the brand’s iconic products in a special colour palette of blues and pinks, together with Burberry’s iconic Parade Red and flashes of gold, and includes Scottish-woven cashmere scarves which can be personalised with up to three letters, in two font sizes, and made-in-England trench coats for men and women.





Burberry’s signature tote, The Banner, is also available as part of the offering alongside men’s backpacks, leather wallets and cashmere Thomas Bear key charms.

Burberry Lunar New Year gifts will be available in-store and on from 6 January 2016. A Collect-in-Store service allows customers to shop online at globally and collect the order at a Burberry store of their choice as early as the next day. For those of you who want an extra special Lunar New Year envelope to send to your friends, the Burberry Lunar New Year envelopes are currently available in their stores. .

Monday, January 11, 2016


Hello to the second Monday of 2016!

Today is one of the rare days when I get to arrive home before the sky turns dark since I came back straight after attending my first training of the year at Times Square Hotel.

Monday #OOTD

Was told to attend the training tomorrow with casual wear as we will be having a virtual mountain climbing session. I am all excited about it already! I guess despite what others think about me, I am actually a really adventurous girl deep down. I would go climb mountains and dive oceans! Although I can't swim la. They say you don't need to know how to swim in order to dive anyway! ^^

During the session today, there's a quote from the trainer that inspired me: "Don't just go through life, instead grow through life".

It got me thinking, what have I achieved in 2015 and most importantly, what have I learnt throughout the year? 

There are days when we just become idle and ambik gaji buta. We have forgotten our objectives and purpose. Quote "Like a piece of plank on the sea that floats aimlessly with the direction of the waves".

I have not exactly lay down my new year resolutions for 2016. But last week, I have came up with a few simple ones for a good start: 

I would like to live healthier, be more organized and aware of my goals this coming year!

4 simple things in order to achieve that (macam yes but actually the list could use some improvement lol):
1. Exercise more regularly
2. Less drinking 
3. No sleeping late
4. Reduce on nasi lemak consumption *sad*

I even wrote them on post-it-notes and stick them on my work station so I could be reminded everyday lol. 

Oh to add on, I would devote more time for self-reflection in order to become a better person. 

There are times when I feel disgusted at myself for being selfish and heartless. But one incident last week made me realize I am actually not that heartless after all :O

Last Tuesday, I was having a bad time dealing with an incompetent customer service on the phone when I stumbled upon the toy-selling uncle at Damansara Uptown who caught the attention of social media users a while ago. I remember having read that he was a cancer patient who has been selling toys to pay for his chemo treatment and to support his son's tertiary education. In comparison, my problems in life seem so trivial and I felt almost ashamed to be angry over the little things in life. 突然领悟自己多幸福。。。 I tried to hold back my tears thinking how difficult life must have been for him, and how blessed I am without knowing it. I asked uncle whether he has eaten, he hasn't, so I packed lunch for him, bought a pretty pink Shin Chan for myself (because it resembles me in my pink bath robe lol) and a pair of Mickey & Minnie for my friend Angela who would like to help the uncle too. 

Not saying that I am a saint because more often than not I do not bother donating for disaster victims. But when I witness the unfortunate myself my heart weeps from within. It really affected my emotions when I thought about the misery in life those people have to endure. Aside from teaching me how to display sympathy and kindness, it has also taught me to show gratitude in life to better appreciate whatever we have been given. How blessed we are compared to the less fortunates!

Meanwhile I've bought myself some baby breath in conjunction with new year and new beginning. Looking forward to an exciting year ahead!