Monday, July 29, 2013

Foot Massage @ Thai Odyssey, Tropicana City Mall

Had a spontaneous massage session at Thai Odyssey. My first massage in Malaysia, to be honest. The only time I go for massages is when I travel to Thailand. The massage there costs only RM20+ an hour!!! Over here is more than double the price :(

Still, a little indulgence once in a while wouldn’t do harm. Plus everyone needs a break after a long hectic week. Okay look who’s the jobless unemployed girl talking about her stressful life XD

The beautiful waiting area.

The thing about massage parlours is, they always make you feel so calm and relaxed even before the massage session begins! I suspect they burn some special enchanted oil or something to make you feel that way wtf.

Convinced myself that I needed a foot massage badly since I wore heels the other day. I’m not a heel person tbh. They make me walk like a 12-year-old who stole her mother’s shoes. It latest for only 30 minutes and costs RM48 if I’m not mistaken.

What a pretty feet washing sink!!! I love how they decorate it with pebbles and flowers!

Is it weird that the feet washing part is my favourite of the massage session? Those are the shadow from my iPhone case by the way, in case you’re wondering how I’ve grown some horns. LOL.

They made me lie down and put on a cooling eye mask (which I didn’t quite like because it kept slipping off my face -.-).

Totally enjoyed the foot massage! They’re not stingy with the oil, thank god. A massage wouldn’t be complete without sufficient amount of oil (at least for me la XD).

Okay I know I look like an Indian here but really, it’s just the lighting.

Last but not least, a self-portrait of yours truly which is totally irrelevant.

Thai Odyssey
Address: Tropicana City Mall
Lot L2 05/06, 2nd Floor,
No. 3, Jalan SS20/27,
47400 Petaling Jaya.
Tel: 03- 7725 2488

There are plenty of other branches too! :)

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Eat Like a Boss at Sushi Flash, SS15

If there’s one type of food I can’t live without, it’s most probably sushi! If you follow my Facebook, you would have realized that I visit a Japanese restaurant at least once a week.

In fact I could eat it everyday! But Jap food is so expensive if I were to do so I would be broke by the end of the month.

Recently discovered a newly opened sushi restaurant located at Subang Jaya SS15. The food served at Sushi Flash is more or less like Sushi King’s standard except that every plate of sushi is priced at RM2 and RM3!!!

RM3 for a plate of sushi, can you believe it??? And we’re talking about salmon sushi that kinda sushi, not tamago or inari sushi!

Aburi salmon mentaiko.

Abalone slice.

Anago (river eel).

Ika mentaiko.

Aburi salmon syio.

Chuka Kurage.

Chuka Lidako.

Even the salmon sashimi costs RM3!!!! Omgosh I can come here and order 10 plates weih!!!

Affordable sashimi. Happy me ^^

There are a variety of sushi plates to choose from the conveyer belt. Other than that you may place your order with the server instead.

A big group of students were feasting at Sushi Flash that afternoon. I think the restaurant had picked a really great location being so near from the colleges at SS15. College students like us wouldn’t say no to a cheap sushi meal in between classes!

I personally think Sushi Flash is a great concept that had picked the right target market. I would definitely visit again to satisfy my sushi craving.

Calling all Taylors and Inti students, and whoever staying around Subang Jaya, do drop by and eat like a boss at Sushi Flash! :)

Sushi Flash
Address: 66, Jalan SS15/4D,
Subang Jaya, 47500 Petaling Jaya.
Tel: 03- 5613 6133

Friday, July 19, 2013

[ADV] Carlsberg Where's The Party? 2013 @ MAEPS


The tagline was in line with the concept ofCarlsberg Where’s The Party? – to reward those bold enough to who step up toearn an exclusive, money-can’t-buy invitation to a party where things in yourwildest dream could happen.

Sarah and I from MHB were definitely bold enoughand we joined the rest of the girls from MHB – Stephanie, Melissa, Shelyn andJiayeen for this mysterious and cool party!

My casual rave outfit – snapback, studded crop top and dip-dye denim ^^

The location of Where’s The Party? 2013 byCarlsberg was revealed on the party night itself! We had to park at the meetingspot in Malaysia Agro Exposition Park (MAEPS) then board the bus which wouldferry us to the party location. This time round though the party location was a2 minute ride away at the convention centre in MAEPS!

First up we had to attend the press conferenceinside the main party hall and I was impressed with the ‘jet-set’ theme of thevenue with a classic Antonov AN-2 airplane (Tim was told it was an Antonov buthe managed to research the exact model of the plane) in the “aircraft hangar”!

During the press conference, the new CarlsbergMalaysia Managing Director, Henrik Anderson and Carlsberg Singapore ManagingDirector, John Botia came forth uber coolly from the Antonov AN-2 airplane.

Henrik revealed that airtravel was the theme this year and announced that Carlsberg would be flying 10very lucky people to the global Where's the Party? In Europe with headlinerAxwell from Swedish House Mafia. MAEPS was chosen as the party venue for WTP? 2013(Malaysia) as they needed a massive place that would fit the plane and ofcourse, the huge crowd. Henrik went on to explain that WTP? was about takingpartygoers to new heights and he hoped that Carlsberg set a new benchmark inthe Malaysian party scene by creating another epic and memorable sensorialevent.

Where’s The Party? is also held in Europe whereparty-goers from 22 nations who are bold enough to step up to the challengewill be rewarded the passes!

The lineup of artistes was revealed at the pressconference. Headlining the event was EDM duo Cazzette.

Before entering the main party zones, guests were entertained by lots of party games including Loud Ludo, Marshall Matters, No-Sight Flight, Turbalance, Safety Slides and i-Darts.

Unfortunately I didn’t get to try any of thegames as most had finished by the time I finished my dinner in the foodsection. There were a lot of local delights such as nasi lemak, satay and friedbee hoon and some party snacks like sausages and burgers.

Steph and I borrowed the Lumix G6 Tim wasreviewing and tried out the soft focus mode for this pic.

There were also a few chill-out areas where wecould sit, drink and rest.

Free flow of ice-cold Carlsberg until 10.00pmafter which we had two coupons to redeem beers. This was to encourage people todrink responsibly and not binge drink and pass out!

Entering the party zone, we were ready for amega night of visual and audio extravaganza, complete with pulsating beats,sizzling acts and ice cold Carlsberg beer, all orchestrated in a uniquelyCarlsberg Where’s The Party? style.

The party was twice the size of the previousWhere’s The Party? 2012 held at Hard Rock Hotel Penang with a turnout of 3000guests from Malaysia and Singapore! The variety of artistes, entertainment,stage and thematic set-up was done more extravagantly than ever before!

Emcees of the night – Joey G and Patricia K whocouldn’t be more well-known among Carlsberg Where’s The Party? party goers asthey have hosted almost every WTP? party were dressed in pilot andair-stewardess outfits! *sexy*

Performers of the night were Douglas Lim, DJ EvaT, NineLives, Joel Turner, 3AM in the Valley and Big Skrptz from Australia,Koreangirl group Sweety, DJ Inquisitive, Miss Nine from Germany, DJs Clazz andMingMing and Cazzette.

Douglas Lim, the president of MalaysianAssociation of Chinese Comedians cracked us up with his jokes. He alsoperformed a “modified” Beyond song in Cantonese which was so funny!

Band performance by Nine Lives.                                  

With MHB’s Jiayeen and Shelyn.

With MHB’s Abigail.

Also bumped into Jeremy.

Korean girl group, Sweety amazed the crowd (especiallythe boys) with their attractive appearance and synchronized danced moves.

Always my favourite kind of performance!

Followed by the Korean girl group was DJ Inquisitive.

At every Where’s The Party?, Carlsberg fans weregiven a great opportunity to watch acts brought in globally. This time wewitnessed the act by Miss Nine from Germany.

Happy to catch up with some other bloggers andfriends that night.


Marilyn. And photobombed by Ryan.


Cazzette! The very last act that we had been waiting for.

Glad that we stayed until the end as their music was totally worth the wait!

Hunt! Shamelessly took off his shirt despite the beer bellyXD Okay don’t laugh, I looked like I had big belly also. But the V line was quite visible la. Teehee.

Carlsberg encourages responsible drinking. Remember to always drink in moderation and hydrate yourself with water.

Get your breath alcohol content tested and ifyou’re over the limit, don’t drink and drive! To ensure the safety of guests,there were taxis on standby for those who were over the legal limit.

Photo credits to Malaysia’s Hottest Bloggers:

Many thanks to Carlsberg Malaysia:

Remember to like those 2 pages to get updated on parties and events in the future! You might be lucky to win yourselves some passes! :)