Thursday, July 25, 2013

Eat Like a Boss at Sushi Flash, SS15

If there’s one type of food I can’t live without, it’s most probably sushi! If you follow my Facebook, you would have realized that I visit a Japanese restaurant at least once a week.

In fact I could eat it everyday! But Jap food is so expensive if I were to do so I would be broke by the end of the month.

Recently discovered a newly opened sushi restaurant located at Subang Jaya SS15. The food served at Sushi Flash is more or less like Sushi King’s standard except that every plate of sushi is priced at RM2 and RM3!!!

RM3 for a plate of sushi, can you believe it??? And we’re talking about salmon sushi that kinda sushi, not tamago or inari sushi!

Aburi salmon mentaiko.

Abalone slice.

Anago (river eel).

Ika mentaiko.

Aburi salmon syio.

Chuka Kurage.

Chuka Lidako.

Even the salmon sashimi costs RM3!!!! Omgosh I can come here and order 10 plates weih!!!

Affordable sashimi. Happy me ^^

There are a variety of sushi plates to choose from the conveyer belt. Other than that you may place your order with the server instead.

A big group of students were feasting at Sushi Flash that afternoon. I think the restaurant had picked a really great location being so near from the colleges at SS15. College students like us wouldn’t say no to a cheap sushi meal in between classes!

I personally think Sushi Flash is a great concept that had picked the right target market. I would definitely visit again to satisfy my sushi craving.

Calling all Taylors and Inti students, and whoever staying around Subang Jaya, do drop by and eat like a boss at Sushi Flash! :)

Sushi Flash
Address: 66, Jalan SS15/4D,
Subang Jaya, 47500 Petaling Jaya.
Tel: 03- 5613 6133

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