Sunday, July 7, 2013

TWG High Tea with Le Family

So 2 weeks ago was one of the most devastated moments for Malaysians as the haze from Sumatran fire hit us. At first it was Muar, my beloved hometown where it went up to 700+?! Felt lucky I wasn’t at home but at the same time I was quite worried for my family, especially my dad who has asthma :( Soon the haze was blown to KL and eventually other northern areas. Haven’t tried purchasing any mask from the pharmacy but from what I heard, it was sold out everywhere.

Used my eye mask used for sleeping instead. LOL. Got it from Cotton On some time ago. Someone commented that it looks like a lingerie. Well that’s cause it’s from Cotton On Body, the lingerie section. Sexy anot? ^^

Parents came up to Sunway to fetch me back to Muar. Siblings and my cousin tagged along because school was off that day due to the terrible hazy condition. Despite the fact that everywhere looks like apocalypse, we still went to Pavilion because I wanted to. LOL.

Saw these adorable masks selling at one of the shops there! Too bad they are eye masks and I don’t think I really need them, considering the number of times I’ve used my current one so far.

Had lunch at Sticky Fingers, a classy Thai restaurant and bistro. Kinda troublesome to eat out with my dad because he only eats Chinese food -.- Thai food is still acceptable since it’s close to Chinese but he wouldn’t touch any Tomyam. He eats neither Japanese food nor Western food. I don’t think he actually knows what those food are like lo. He just refused to try and convinced himself that they don’t suit his appetite -.-

Me, Gigi and dad.

Nick, mum and my gay cousin, Yi Khang.

Family photo missing Priscella. She’s currently staying at JB. Anyway the lighting really didn’t do us justice! Looked so ugly because it was too dark at the restaurant. It was way darker before I edited the photos.

My superheroes mum and dad! Teehee. Posted this photo on FB and the number of likes and comments I received was way more than all my own photos lo! Pfft. So young, so handsome, so pretty etc etc. 得你们说我的照片美 :( :( :(

When my brother saw the Joker statue he was like ‘Yer, 你看那个小丑! ‘ (yer you see that clown) HAHAHAHAHA OMG I told him that’s the joker, not a clown!

BAHHHH NAAAAA NAAAAA! I’m the queen of minions! Despicable me is showing but I’ve yet to watch it. Ugh.

Check out my minion toe nail art! Damn cute right!!! Did it at a nail salon in Muar and it only costs me RM35! Mwahahahahaha jealous anot?? XD

My gay cousin with his fabulous pink outfit. LOL. Okay damn bad I should stop calling him gay. He’s just seventeen a confused teen. And it’s probably my fault because when he was a baby I used to nickname him CC, not exactly pronounced as sissy but still similar! XD

Brought them to Tokyo Street before heading for afternoon tea.



And Cony. Shoooo cute!

Speaking of line characters, I have ready stock for their t-shirt now. You may Line or Wechat me: copykate if you’re interested to get any :)

Had tea at TWG like finally! Had been wanting to go for high-tea there but never had the chance to. Last time I didn’t know what’s so great about TWG so I always just go to Godiva next to it for their Dark Chocolate Decanteur.  

The high tea set that consists of 3 macarons, a pastry of choice/3 scones, sandwich of choice and a pot of tea – RM55.

An individual pot of tea is priced from RM18 onwards and is restricted to one person. Can only fill up your tea cup twice and not allowed to refill. Very atas and expensive lo T_T

Don’t think the kiddos appreciate me bringing them to that kinda place. They just felt bored and meh.


My dad said one of the black tea we ordered tasted like Teh O from mamak and only stupid people like me would pay RM18 for Teh O that usually costs RM1.80! LOL.

Don’t care la, it was still a lovely place for afternoon tea. And I can haz my 3-tier desserts!

Chose my macarons in these pretty shades. Couldn’t have enough of them!

Selca with my pink macaron like a suaku.

Finished tea and thne began our journey back to Muar.

To end this post, check out this cool pair of shades from Coach which made me look like an alien. Me was invades you planetz! Ngek ngek.


Choi Yen said...

OMG, your dad looks like some 20's teenager!

Copykate said...

Choi Yen: 20's?!! LOL can be my boyfriend dy XD