Monday, February 17, 2014

Lia Café @ Jimbaran Bay, Bali

Jimbaran Bay is another must-go tourist spot in Bali!

Famous for its sunset seafood meal experience, Jimbaran Bay offers quite a number of restaurants choices along the long stretch of beach area. In order not to miss the sunset, I would suggest you reach there by 5.30pm in order to secure a table. The place could get really crowded.

Of course, being such a popular spot, the tables of every restaurant are really close to one another. Do not expect a romantic private dinner when you are there.

The sky was gloomy when we were there. Unfortunately for us, the sun was nowhere to be seen. Still, we wouldn’t complain about the affordable seafood! USD30+ for 2-3pax at Lia Café. We only spent around RM30 each that night!

Sweet corn from the vendor.

The place does not stop getting busier as the night falls.

Romantic night view at Jimbaran Bay. We suggest you bring along mosquito repellent spray though. It really helped.

Crabs, prawns, clams, lobsters, kangkung, sambal etc from the package we ordered. Looked really unappetizing under my flash light but I assure you they tasted great especially for sambal lovers like me.

When in Bali, must drink Bintang. Yesh, our package included 2 bottle of Bintang beer. Awesome deal indeed.

Overall a satisfactory dining experience except the ridiculous waiting time. Be prepared to wait up to an hour for your food to arrive. Not sure whether they messed up our order or something.

Do your research before choosing the restaurant you wanna visit. I would suggest Lia Café which we went to, but I hope you don’t have to wait as long as we did. Read up their reviews on TripAdvisor! :)

Lia Café
Address: Jl Pemalisan Agung,
Jimbaran, Bali, Indonesia.
Tel: 08 123981408

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Ecole P @ Damansara Utama - Back to School Cafe

Ecole P, a Back to School concept café located at Uptown (Damansara Utama).

This newly opened café is at the same row as Village Park nasi lemak, on the first floor. Discovered it one day as I was searching for a new place for lunch during work.

Excessively decorated with primary school related objects which bring back nostalgic memories. Wonder where they managed to get so many of those stuff. From a real school? XD




Even the tables were those we used in the classroom during primary school! My only complaint is the slight discomfort as I didn’t know how to place my legs. After more than 10 years, my legs have obviously outgrown the poor table.

The menu is made of Bukit Latihan! LOLOLOL. 保又节俭A great way to save cost!

ABC biscuits!!! Haven’t eaten this for ages! 以前每次在阿家吃的!

The tarik traditional style with tin container. Teehee.

Every table has this mini school bag hung on the side. 不要小看它,可是有用途的哦!It’s there for a reason.


This pencil case, more like for kindergarten? Teehee.

Tadah! It’s meant to keep your utensils! A bit OCD, had to make sure I wipe them clean cause I’m so used to seeing those pencil case filled with pencil stains during my school days.

不要跟你好!哈哈哈哈 we used to say this so often when we were young! 怀念那幼稚的童年!

Outdoor balcony seats available. Wish they could put some couch there instead of the hard wooden desks and chairs though :(

Set lunch is available at RM14.90 with one main course and one juice.

I had prawn linguine. It was mediocre.

Janice’s chicken chop which turned out to be fried chicken. Tastes like those Kentucky powder you get off the shelf. The mashed potato was yummy.

Will recommend Ecole P for a regular lunch session but not for long visit. The bengkel KH punya kerusi won’t make you sit long. Still, it’s an interesting place to visit for the school concept and for memories’ sake.

Ecole P
Address: 1st Floor, 19, Jalan SS21/37,
Damansara Utama, Petaling Jaya,
Tel: 03- 7732 9711

Operating Hour: 11am-10pm except Thursday