Friday, June 28, 2013

[ADV] Club Asahi Miami @ Soju Room, Penang

Instead of having to travel worldwide for parties, you can now enjoy the convenience of having them transported right to your own country! Last Friday (21 June 2013), our fellow Malaysian party-goers experienced Club Asahi Miami organized by Asahi Super Dry, Japan’s No. 1 beer at Soju Room, Penang.

This time, Stephanie and I went all the way from KL along with MHB’s founder, Tim Chew, and joined a few of our bloggers from Penang.

Club Asahi is a new unique platform that aims to deliver an awesome night for clubbers by raising the Malaysian clubbing scene into the next level.

Upon arrival, we were greeted by 2 Caucasian models who ushered us to the entrance.

Asahi Hummer that stood proud at the entrance.

Mandatory group photos at the photo wall before entering the club.

Fione and Stephanie.

We gathered for a brief press conference with other media friends before the event kickstart.

Mr. Takara from Asahi Japan, DJ Kryoman, DJ Henrix and Mr. Calvin Khoo from Asahi Malaysia.

The club was transformed to bring us the Miami feel with amazing set up and lighting. A few local DJs were performing at the beginning and even then the great electrifying music were already making us excited for the night!

By 10pm, the club was already jam-packed by energetic party people. Courtesy of Asahi Malaysia, we had the media seats all for ourselves at a very strategic spot.

Of course, the party wouldn’t be complete without Asahi beer! We were overwhelmed with buckets and buckets of free flow Asahi throughout the night!

Super cool red Mohawk tattooed singer from Soju Club itself showing us what his amazing voice could do despite the loud music.

The crowd was no doubt entertained by these sexy Russian stunt dancers! We were amazed by their swift effortless movements on the hoop, and of course, their sizzling hot appearance.

Tim and Henrik, the newly appointed Managing Director of Carlsberg Malaysia.

Anerly, one of our new bloggers in MHB ^^

Me, Stephanie and Cherrie. Looking pale and make-upless standing next to them :(

It wouldn’t be called Club Asahi Miami without popular DJs from Miami! Finally, it was show time for DJ Henrix and Kryoman!

Dressed in a Miami Heat basketball jersey, DJ Henrix, a talented upcoming DJ electrified the crowd with his beats and tracks. He was then joined by Kryoman and together they spinned on the deck and further raised the energy amongst the enthusiastic crowd.

And as anticipated, the half-man half-robot Kryoman’s appearance with his iconic robot outfit. 

Kyroman's outrageous LED costume got our full attention! All eyes were fixed on the stage and curious about what's happening next.

Blowing fire before blowing our mind off with his electronic music! The night had not reached its peak of fun and craziness until then! Thank you Kryoman for that shocking performance onstage! 

It was a spectacular night thanks to DJ Henrix and Kryoman the main acts. Of course, the true party spirit of our Malaysian party-goers had also made the night even more remarkable.

The night ended before we had have enough of the great music and the countless bottles of beer. I must say I was very much impressed with Club Asahi Miami and I’m definitely looking forward to the next series of parties by Asahi!

There are more Club Asahi parties to come to satisfy the insatiable Asahi Fans who expect an ultimate clubbing experience featuring best trends of electronic dance music coupled with exclusive drinking experience in the country's best clubs.

Like Asahi Malaysia’s Facebook and stay updated to see how you can get invited to their next parties:

Got my party invite thanks to Malaysia’s Hottest Bloggers:

Photo credits to Tim Chew and Andy Kho.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

First Post-Exam Meal of Freedom

Hello peeps! I’m done with my final exam of final semester, which means I’m a graduate now!!! Provided I pass all the subjects la, which I will, duh (overconfident wtf) because I’m aiming for high distinction. LOL.

Right now I’m sitting at Starbucks drafting as many blog posts as possible. It feels good not having to worry about anything except perhaps which Frap to order from Starbucks. Or what to wear everyday XD

There were a million things I wanted to do during my study break when I was struggling with exam revision. Now I finally got my hands off study and can do whatever I want!! Can you feel how excited I am?? Okay lah don’t wanna brag too much because I know you’re still stuck at study or work or whatever mundane routine you have to live with. I have to face that very soon too but as long as I don’t start looking for work, I won’t have to. .  Okay nvm let’s not talk about that first because I know my dad is reading this. HAHA.

I can take my time to put on make up everyday now that I have all the free time in the world!

I can apply mascara like nobody’s business!

You’re probably thinking wtf this girl make up also want to take picture. Too free apparently. Ngek ngek.

Frowning picture because my eyes look less imbalanced when I frown. Teehee.

The night after we finished our last paper, Angela and I joined our Indonesian classmates for dinner. Probably our first and also last dinner together since some of them will be flying back soon. Will only be seeing them next June during our graduation ceremony. Yea my graduation is next year. Have to wait 1 whole effing year can you believe it?! Jeez.

How do you like my new studded denim dress? Bought it for quite a while but didn’t have the chance to wear it until now.

Oh and my cutest pair of platform heels so far! Love it cause the base is thick so it won’t make me fall.

Dinner was at 3 Little Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf which I’ve always wanted to try. Sorry no picture of the restaurant this time since I wasn’t planning to do a proper food review. Nice classy ambience. The restaurant is full even during weekdays. Don’t even hope to get a table on weekends if you don’t make a reservation.

Garlic roasted pork was really good albeit there was a strong babi taste wtf. The garlic taste makes it more bearable though.

Ordered a bottle of red wine to go with the food :)

Most of us ordered the Wolf’s Favourite (cream sauce spaghetti with pork bacon, mushroom and poached egg). Read some review about this dish but I was quite disappointed. The taste was so bland I had to shake the salt bottle for like 10 times! Added lotsa cheese powder too to make it better. I guess the only nice thing was the bacon.

Angela’s Big Bad Wolf Pork Burger was good! The patty was quite soft and juicy and woah look at those mouth-watering bacon! I would highly recommend this dish if you happen to go there.

Compulsory selca with the wine glass. Teehee.

Red as usual T_T

All of us that night :)

Babe and I.

Studded denim dress – Honey Bibi
Belt – F Block
Clutch – Miss Selfridge
Platform heels – F Block
Socks – Cotton On
Bracelet – Marc Jacob
Ring - Asian Avenue

Sunday, June 23, 2013

[ADV] Pure Heal's by Hermo Beauty Collection

So you guys know I’ve just finished my exam recently but one thing you didn’t know, my face is in a bad condition throughout the last week of my exam! Not sure whether it’s due to my constant lack of sleep or the high level of stress. Got a few stubborn pimples here and there and they just wouldn’t disappear!

I know you’re probably thinking, I see your photos no pimples also.

*insert my flawless photo* lol

That’s cause I had this habit of touching up and filtering everything before posting XD

If I post up my unedited photo like this one everyone will probably get scared and unfollow me :(

Okay I think I've just lost a few followers. FML
Fine maybe I exaggerated a bit, my face is not that terrible but still, the pimples are visible.

Did some research to start hunting for beauty products during which I discovered a beauty website

It’s really awesome because they have deals for beauty brands like SK-II, Laneige, Biotherm, Kose, Naruko, Etude House, Pure Heal’s etc etc.

I clicked in and landed on Pure Heal’s page.

Pure Heal’s by Nature Village developed their products sticking to their philosophy of utilizing purely natural materials with no harmful chemical and no animal testing. Made in Korea, Pure Heal’s is one of the top brands of Hermo Beauty Collection.

Under Pure Heal’s there are 3 product lines – Anti-aging, Moisturizing & Anti-bacterial and Whitening.

Not really interested in the first two categories so I’m just gonna show you the Whitening Line products. Part of the reason is because the packaging is pink! LOL.

I got the Galactomyces 20 BB Cream 35g and Galactomyces Dual Energy Mask 20g + Ampoule 2ml for myself.

Hermo’s flagship store concept enables you to purchase your beauty products from various brands at a discounted deal price!

If you have doubt, try comparing a brand which is accessible in Malaysia retail store, say for example Etude House. You will see that the prices listed on the website are indeed cheaper than the retail prices! ^^

Call me biased but I think Korea always makes the best beauty product especially BB cream!

Unintentionally squeezed more than I needed. The texture is really thick so I needed only a small amount (besides I don't have a big face, do I? LOL).

After basic skin care, apply the right amount of cream evenly over your skin.Unlike my usual BB cream, this one comes with tea tree oil scent which I find rather soothing. 

Tadah, my skin looks healthier and more glowy within seconds! 

The BB cream did a great job on my uneven skin tone by covering a majority of my pores, pimples and dark circles. Don’t really need to filter my photos after using the BB cream! 

The next thing I tried was the dual energy mask. It’s kinda different from the usual mask because this one comes with 2 parts.

First, you have to apply the Synergy Ampoule (the top part of the packet written ‘Step 1’) evenly after cleansing. Make sure you remove your make up and wash your face thoroughly. Better still, use a facial scrub. Tap on the face with fingertip gently so the ampoule can be absorbed.

Apply the sheet mask on your face after doing so and leave it for 10-20 minutes to absorb the active ingredients. I always leave my mask on for 20 minutes so it can absorb more XD

Similar to the BB cream, the mask has a rather strong tea tree oil scent like some aromatherapy oil. Really soothing and refreshing I felt like it was a facial mask + aromatherapy session. LOL.

Once you remove the mask, tap on your face gently again before applying your skin cream.
No worries because the mask is suitable for all skin types. 5 pieces for only RM70. The effects are brightening, whitening, revitalizing and anti-wrinkles.

So happy and satisfied because I can haz smooth, moisturized and glowing skin now ^^

Visit and get your beauty products at a discounted price! Oh oh, there’s free shipping if you purchase more than 2 products!

Stay pretty and healthy! xoxo