Wednesday, February 25, 2009

CNY Klang

On the 7th day of CNY, we paid a visit to the notorious class rep’s house in Klang.

Thicker my eyeliner in attempt to look like the cat on my t-shirt.

My make up probably scared off the fortune god, causing me to lose up to RM90 (or was it 100?) in Hunt’s house. It was this same t-shirt I wore when I got robbed on Valentine’s. I swore never to wear it again.

Nah, this is for you, robbers!

Heart the front yard! His house is a mixture of western architecture and traditional Chinese design. A very cosy and homey place.

Can train your basketball skill when you’re bored at home.

Can even camwhore and pretend that you are taking a wedding photo. What’s with Hik’s expression??? Very malu is it take wedding photo with me??? Wtfreak!

We had Bakuteh for lunch, and gambled for the whole day in his little cosy home. No pictures taken cause I was too busy losing money. Sobs. We were supposed to have seafood dinner, but ended up in Kenny Rogers instead. I was so looking forward to eating seafood! Fish! Fish has always been my favourite! And crab! OMG crab is my favourite! Squid! I cannot live without eating squid! Ahh, due to some stupid reason, seafood was replaced by chicken. So lame.

Melvin was with us during day time, but he left early and did not join us for dinner. So in the end, Hunt had to fit us all in his Honda Stream. Hik and I were both sitting in front! It was like an awesome threesome! LOL.

See my protruding elf-liked ear.

Hik taught me an easier way to interchange from Kelana Jaya line to Bandar Tasik Selatan. I’ve always hated to interchange Star line. The insufficient information and the lack of signboard often caused me to end up boarding the wrong train. What’s more, we have to wait so long for the train and when it finally arrives, we have to go through all the trouble to make our way in, only to end up standing. So, instead of going to Masjid Jamek, we can take the KLIA Transit from KL Central. The ticket causes RM4.20, but definitely worthwhile cause the train is so clean and it moves really fast, I swear you will like it!

First time taking KLIA Transit, a bit sua ku XD

Other than BTS, KL Central and KLIA, I think it stops at Cyberjaya and Putrajaya. If you are going to KLIA, you can take the express train.

Anyway, I was saying, I’m gonna have to sell my cat tee! Le sigh. It’s one of my favourite CNY clothes, yet I have to let it go now X(


=chuan guan= said...

hahahaa...da way u write it obviously, u r so superstitious...hahaha..should shop mourning bout those f***ers.. at least u neo many cared more u... da t-shirt look nice on ulo..lolz..
anyhow, i still wondering how u manage to cramp hiraku and urself in the front seat..omg

Copykate said...

chuanguan: yalo i'm so superstitious! wtfreak. but still. i wouldn't wear it cause it reminds me of those unpleasant events X( ohh, proves that we are both skinny!!! LOLLLLL. btw he's hikaru, not hiraku! kaka. always spell ppl's name wrongly