Monday, May 14, 2007

What's Wrong With Having A Boyfriend?

How I wished I could celebrate Mothers’ Day in Star Restaurant. I miss the super delicious curry prawn there! But grandma refused, so we were forced to have dinner in grandma’s house. Argh, I don’t really like to go there. Can’t stand the kids running and shouting around. Drives me mad! And when my relatives see me, they will be like giving so many comments and keep throwing questions to my face. This time, they did not say I’ve grown taller cause obviously I’ve stopped growing vertically, instead they were more interested in when and where I’m gonna further my studies. Well, at last I could tell them about my JPA and prove to them what a smartass I am! XD Then, my aunt said something awful, “Good, but are you still having a byfriend?” I was like. . . F*CK! My face turned black immediately. I rolled my eyes and answered a NO. It wasn’t because that I had broken up with my ex or anything, it’s just that it reminded me what they had been talking behind my back, and sometimes right infronta me. They think that having a boyfriend will cause my result to deteriorate, having a boyfriend will ruin my future, having a boyfriend is a NO-NO-NO! For goodness’s sake, I had a boyfriend, and I got straight A’s in my SPM. What’s their problem huh? He wasn’t even the first boy whom I met in my entire life, it was just that they didn’t know those two in the past. Why make a fuss? It was really none of their business! Why should they poke their nose in my affair? I’m really tired of them moron!

So yesterday we sort of celebrated Mothers’ Day via a family feast. And I nearly let them feel the power of my fist. At night, dad brought mum and four of us to have supper in Long Poh. By then I’ve already felt better. But unfortunately my camera battery went exhausted before I could take any nice picture of my family. Sobz. . .

I tried on the bathing scale today, and realized that I’m only 40kg! What the. . . I used to be 43kg! What happened? Why have I lost my weight? I’m supposed to grow fatter! How disappointing. I gotta eat more this time.

I found “Just Follow Law” VCD in the living room today. That was a movie I had been waiting to watch! Dad must have borrowed it yesterday. I like Jack Neo’s film. They reflect what’s happening in our real life. Later on, I watched Jin Sheng’s "300" DVD which I had left forgotten for quite a long time. Then Yong Chin said he was going out with his friend and would drop by to get money from me. RM50 that I owed him for Jaring top up card. Kekeke. It happened that I was having a bad hair day. How embarrassing that any guy should see me with that kinda look. But he said I look prettier without make-up on. Whatever. I know I looked terrible. Guys are nothing but liars X(

I took a nap after watching those movies. Until dad turned the door knob so loudly that I woke up with a fright. What on earth. . . He said there was a letter from Taylors. No, I didn’t get the World Class Scholarship, but it said that I’m qualified for the National Scholarship. Who cares about that? It’s useless. They don’t even provide 100% tuition fees. Dad always said I should mind my manners. But is he that well-mannered that he always opens my letter without first getting my permission?

Chia Hui SMS and told me 7pm at PP Café. Stupid Pepe Café which I hated the most! Expensive drinks and awful food. They are going there because Kim said she’s never been there before. They should just go for a two-person-date instead asking me over. So I told him that I hate Pepe and rather watch tv at home. But I guess Jin Sheng and Yaw Theng and Winston will be their gooseberries there XD


-aNnLi- said...

hey i agree with u totally.bout de bf thing. i oso got straight a's(except for my C-hinese) n prove THEM i'm same wid no bf ady.n taylor's "stingy" must reg n pay up 1st n start ur course b4 spm results out n if u get 11a1's n above oni can get full scholarship.

Copykate said...

yea stupid taylors. after i got my result oli i knew tat i wudnt get full. 10thousands is definitely not enuf for their super exp courseX( luckily i got jpa so dun hv to tink abt taylors dy! kekeke