Friday, May 11, 2007

JPA Review

Finally I’ve got enough time and energy for a new post. This morning I woke up by myself and realized it was nearly 8am. JPA result was released! Frankly, I wasn’t really that excited, thinking that I wouldn’t get it. My performance during the interview wasn’t that impressive, or should I say I did badly? XD But still, God is too kind to me. What a miracle! The first word I saw was “sukacita”, but instead I mistaken it as “dukacita”. Later on, I saw the TAHNIAH, and I was like, OMG OMG! What the. . . Instantly I looked for the country, and realized it was written AMERIKA SYARIKAT there! Gosh! I’m flying to USA!!! God, I still can’t believe it! Being shocked by the happy news, I nearly jumped up from my chair! I told the good news to some friends who were online while waiting for dad and mum to wake up and share my joy. I can hardly believe it until I double checked the webpage myself. The news came too sudden and shocking! For that moment I felt that my breathe nearly stopped. While getting overjoyed by the news, I managed to find out the others who got it too. So far these are the ones:

Jing Ying- Dentistry India
Joo Kim- Medical Poland
Remina- Medical Australia
Hui Chin- Engineering America
Jasmine- Accounting Australia
Poh Lin- Accounting Australia
Thon Lin- Biotechnology Canada

Chong Hao- Engineering Australia
Wee Guan- Engineering Germany
Koon Hua- Engineering America
Chun How- Engineering America

So many of us managed to get it! Is our batch too lucky or something? Although I knew that there would be extra 300 this year, I’d never expect that I would be one of the 1800 recipients! I feel so happy for my friends who got it! Thanks to the coming election, or else we wouldn’t be that fortunate! Kekeke. Wow, I love JPA! Oops, I mean, I don’t exactly love it due to some particular reasons, but I know I should feel grateful for the opportunity it has given me! Now there’s no such need for me to be envious of Lisa cause I will be going there myself for an even longer duration! XD

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