Wednesday, May 23, 2007

My Fantasy

One fine day, I was having my meal at a fast food stall, and there came an obese boy who started pointing his finger at me and shouted “Shameless slut!” I became so fuming that I stood up and pointed back at him, “Fatty, what did you call me?!” And so he repeated it. Twice. I was like. . . what the. . . “If I were a shameless slut, what do you think you are? You shameless jerk!” I went mad and threw my half-eaten burger into his wide-opened mouth. He spewed it out and, eew, there was mayonnaise sauce all over his face! He began crying and asking for his mama. Sicko! Wakakaka. He yelled at me, “F*ck you!” three times continuously and I got so annoyed that I started walking towards him. I slapped him on the face and pushed his forehead hard which caused him to fell and started rolling on the ground. “You need a hand job or something?” Then the moment came. The band started playing “Joy To The World” (Any better song?) while the girls started cheering and sneering at the super irritating fatty. There came a thunderous applause from the crowd who started shouting “Bravo! Well-played!” as the ball-shaped boy started bouncing his way off. “You deserve it for provoking me.” The music ended. The crowd slowly dismissed. But I knew that wasn’t the end yet. Far off the horizon a messy-haired boy was running towards me and my gang of girls. No, he wasn’t running. In fact he had some difficulty walking. I didn’t know what was wrong. Probably drunk? He was much taller than I was, but I wasn’t afraid of him. He took out a stick from his pocket, a stick as tiny as a cigarette that I don’t think it could be used for fighting. He handed me one and said, “If you have guts, come over and fight with me.” I took it as I glared at him. Then I found a lighter on the ground. I picked it up. I lighted the stick. I threw it onto his messy hair. And it caught on fire! The girls were very much amused when he started jumping and asking for help. I was too much a compassionate girl hence I felt pity for him, so I fetched a pail of cold water as splashed it on his head. “Nah, you need to let off steam.” LMAO. Thank God he was safe. Suddenly, two handsome policemen appeared out of no way. One blonde and one brunette, both were wearing their uniform. I thought they were gonna accused me for hurting others. However, they escorted the messy-haired (now known as the drenched chicken) away as they pleaded him guilty for doing drugs. They assured me and told me that they were gonna call up his mum and sent him into the rehab centre. Woo-hoo! Peace on the earth! XD

That wasn’t my dream, but merely my fantasy. Yes, such mischievous thought that came out of a child’s mind. But meant no harm to no one. Back to the reality. It won’t be as easy as it is in my fantasy. I’ve gotta deal with the chiefs of turmoil with a much different way. They should be forgiven for they don’t know what they’re doing. The kind and forgetful girl will let matter rest.
Make peace. Make love. Make no war =)

I need some illustration. Kekeke.

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