Monday, December 14, 2009


The Olive @ Genting Highlands. The most luxurious meal I had this year, and possibly ever.

Armani chocolate.

From Armani Dolci.

The same Giorgio Armani suit for 10days.

Cappuccino refreshes my mind.

The werewolves ate the last T from Twilight.

And finally, I found my necklace after so long. It was hidden in my Coach bag all the while.

My internet connection frustrates me.


aileng miao said...

awww olive is indeed a great sophisticated indulgence :p

Copykate said...

aileng miao: indeed! love the food and environment there. too bad i didn't take any photo. will snap more on my next visit! XD

goingkookies said...

ooh The olive.. always wanted to check it out with the bf.. but the prices is a hindrance..

wat did u have that was good besides the chocs? =p

btw, u should call TM and scold them for the wonky connection.. i lodged report.. cos mine since last month also got prob.. and they're giving a rebate..

call 1300-888-123 if interested to...

Copykate said...

goingkookies: i didn't have the choc in the olive. i was the brand ambassador of armani choc in star hill. lol. we had lobster bisque, sea bass, lamb and not forgetting a bottle of red wine there. nice XD