Wednesday, September 23, 2015

[ADV] TGV Indulge @ One Utama

There is no place better than TGV Indulge @ One Utama for an unforgettable movie experience. As the name suggests, TGV Indulge is unlike the usual cinema hall you visit. For the price of only RM45, you get to be pampered with luxurious and comfort without burning a hole in the wallet.

We already felt like VIPs the moment we were greeted at the entrance. There is a private ticket counter specially designated for Indulge moviegoers. No queue, no hassles.

It would be advisable to arrive an hour or two earlier prior to your movie to indulge yourselves at the lounge/restaurant. Great spot for a date with your significant half as well as an outing with your group of friends. The dining area is designed in such a way to emphasize the atas concept of Indulge. Dim lighting and an overall soothing ambience which takes all your worries off the weekend.

Indulge offers quite a selection of items on its menu. We managed to try out a few dishes which surprisingly were above par. The price was quite reasonable as well.

Oven Roasted Tomato Soup – RM14

Not a fan of tomato but I enjoyed this soup as it was sweet (not sour as I thought). The taste was further enhanced by bits of crabs inside.

Smoked Meatballs – RM16

Butter Mushroom Tempura – RM14

Crunchy deep fried on the outside and juicy on the inside. We definitely enjoyed the mushrooms for appetizer.

Rocket & fruits – RM18

Pan Baked Mango Chicken – RM26

Broiled Salmon Kabayaki – RM32

One of my favourite dish that night. The taste was as good as the presentation itself. I like it as the salmon wasn’t overcooked and it did not lose its tenderness. Even the sides - sauteed mushroom, asparagus and mashed potatoes were great! Finished every bit of it :P

Grilled Lamb Rack – RM48

Enjoyed the medium rare serving which was really juicy and yummy. Slightly charred at the side which blends well with the sweet chili mint sauce.

Slow-Cooked Seafood Rice – RM38

Was quite stuffed by the time we reached this final dish. We were served our bottled beer of choice before adjourning into the cinema. It’s okay to bring in your beer into the cinema too. How cool is that, having beer while watching a movie!

Be prepared to be amazed by Indulge’s cinema hall. Unlike your ordinary cinema, this one is huge and spacious with reclining sofas and personalized call-waiter service. Don’t worry if you forget to bring your jacket as blankets are already provided on every seat the moment you walk in. Not just any cheap blanket but thick and cosy comforter that could keep you warm! ^^

We were really thrilled to be able to be able to adjust the sofa to properly place our legs. No more sitting upright for 2 long hours!

Besides the sumptuous food we had, hot tea and chocolate brownies were served in the hall that night (courtesy of TGV Indulge and MHB). If you ever feel like getting some bites anytime throughout the movie, just press the button on the little table next to you and the waiter will be at your service. Really thoughtful and convenient, isn’t it??

Overall it was a wonderful experience, although ironically the movie we had that night, Fantastic 4 wasn’t so fantastic after all. I would recommend a blockbuster or a high-rated movie if you were to visit Indulge.

Since it was first opened last year, TGV Indulge has also hosted several private and corporate functions. Feel free to check out more from their website:

You know where to get pampered this weekend! :)

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