Saturday, July 12, 2008


OMG someone loves me!

OMG that shirt from Calvin Klein is on sales!

OMG camwhore!

OMG fakey tone like Dawn Yang!

OMG looking hot in matching outfits!

OMG we have long legs!

OMG neck piercing!

OMG ma biatch!

OMG I look awesome!

OMG I sound like my gay friend who always starts his blog post with OMG.


Fine. This is sickening. *self-slaps*

Oh guess what? I’m home today and mum isn’t too pleased with the sight of my big fat butt and flabby arms. I’ve gained weight again! Disaster. Officially 46kg now wtfreak! Thanks to someone who keeps pampering me with good food and forcing me to finish every bit of it, saying that I shouldn’t waste food. Hello, whoever force herself to eat when one more little spoon of rice is enough to make her barf? I swear I am gonna stay away from all indulgence to make myself slim and pretty again. The fact that I am not-that-tall is already depressing enough, so I couldn’t afford to be fat X(

Something funny happened just now when Katie and I were going back from Witchery Ider (a café). There was this white Kancil that parked so near next to my poor SLK (small little kancil) that I couldn’t even reverse my car! I tried reversing again and again, not wanting to succumb to failure. In the end, I was proven a lousy lady driver -.- Not knowing any other better method, I went into the café again, spotted a group of young boys and asked if the car belonged to anyone of them. Sadly, no one was the owner of the white Kancil, and I couldn’t identified the driver in the entire café. I went back into my SLK and decided to try again, this time with more determination. It was then that the group of boys appeared out of the café, and one of them came telling me that he could do me the favour.

Gawd. That was so nice of him!

“You, stay in the car.” I told Katie.

I know I’m a lousy friend who leaves her best friend in the car with a random stranger. But hey, he looks 17 and was obviously not a potential kidnapper! Besides, he and his friends look kinda cute. The fact that he offered his help was already enough to make me think of only the nicest of him.

“How are you going to repay his kindness?” one of the cute friends asked.

Jeez. I didn’t know how to answer, hence merely gave them an awkward laugh. After all, what can I give to a bunch of guys who look no older than 16, 17???

He actually managed to reversed my SLK without much difficulty! Bravo. I wonder if he even has a license. Now I shall feel ashamed.

Nah, one last pic.

I’m off to bed.


Anonymous said...

BOX ur nose...y got so many OMG?? so irritating lah!!!! juz like ur face..

Copykate said...

yea i know. it's irritating. that's the whole purpose XD

Anonymous said...

like u irritating...anti copykate...

Copykate said...

LOL? thanks

ck AE76 said...

that's not you
the person loves KA TE
not u
Ka Te

Simon Seow said...

Woah. Rich girl, drive SLK.

Copykate said...

ck, obviously it's KATE X(

Copykate said...

simon, that's so sarcastic. jeez