Monday, April 16, 2007


What do you know about PSYCHIC?

The following is what I got from Wikipedia:
Psychic is a term that describes mental abilities or phenomena that are apparently inexplicable by known natural laws, since they seem to transcend the confines of the brain. People who are thought to have these abilities or to be able to produce these phenomena are often called "psychics". The term comes from the Greek word psychikos, meaning "of the soul, mental," which is in turn derived from the Greek word psyche (soul/mind). It was first used by French astronomer Camille Flammarion (1842 – 1925), who was also a noted spiritualist and psychical researcher.

So the other I went out with a friend(anonymous), he told me some of his dreams which later really came true. Well, I believe that he's a total psychic!
There was once when he dreamt that he was studying Sejarah in his uncle's house. And guess what? 2 years later the dream actually came true! The exact place, the exact table, the exact page, the exact title! Like what we call DE JA VU! He could vividly remember that it was something about HICOM! Gosh, how do we explain this phenomena?
There are some other dreams too which he has truly experienced in real life, and some of them may be his future experience. I got some goosebumps while listening to his stories!

I believe sometimes when we are doing something we might feel that "oh, this scene is familiar! the de ja vu feeling. it feels like we were here, doing the same thing, speaking the same sentence some times ago." I had such experience sometimes. However, the cause is really indescribable.

Is he considered blessed to be able to predict his future? He was actually worried that he might lose the ability once he told me all these. He even reminded me that if I'm gonna post it in my blog, I'd better not mention his name. kekeke.
However, if I were to choose, I wish to be normal instead of being a psychic. Well, I mean, 50% of psychic should be okay, but not the kind that can predict the future! Afterall I don't wanna spend everyday in fear knowing that something bad is gonna happen!


Anonymous said...

but n0rmally what i dreamt never c0me true le...


Copykate said...

that means you're not a pyschic la! not everyone is blessed with that kinda power what XD