Friday, April 27, 2007

Baby Boy

The other day somebody jokingly said “We better stop sms-ing before I fall in love.” So I thought, he isn’t the only one who can’t differentiate like and love. I’m not gonna indulge in anymore i-love-u-u-love-me thingy or be someone’s girlfriend in rebound. Nope, nobody’s gonna be my REBOUND guy. I wouldn’t be so cruel and unfair to guys although they’re just some heartless and ungrateful creature. Kekeke.

Anyway, I wasn’t feeling well last night. I was having sore throat(thanks to my newly-bought chocolate), and I could sense that I was getting a little fever. I tried my best to drink as much water as possible thus visited the toilet more frequently. Learnt from my lesson not to tell mum that I wasn’t feeling well, in case she stops me from eating this and that. Some people might wonder, is FOOD more important than my HEALTH? Duh, of course I do care about my health, but don’t you think it would be very miserable not getting to eat whatever food you want? Not knowing that I am sick, mum bought “pisang goreng” this afternoon and gonna bring us to Uncle Sam’s Café for dinner! Great! Now I don’t feel sick at allXD

This afternoon, after sending my sister to school, mum and I paid a visit to our ex-neighbour, a primary teacher’s house. Our main purpose is to see her new born baby boy, who happened to be 4.5kg when he’s born. 4.5kg, nearly half of a normal baby’s weight! To think that I was only 3.7kg when I came out of mummy’s womb, and I was already considered a big baby. Oh, mum said he resembles Ker Jia. Kekeke. We listened to her experience of child birth, from the breaking of her placenta until the day when she discharged from the maternity centre. For me, it was an exciting and interesting story although I’ve heard about many child-birth experiences. I began to wonder, will I choose for natural birth or operation? Whichever that will be less painful. By merely giving birth to a baby, we gotta pay up to a few thousands to the gynae, and later on there will be milk powder, baby bottle, diapers, baby clothes, baby trolley etc which will cost us a whole lot of money! Argh, no matter what I have to be a rich woman next time! It’s a must to find myself a RICH HUSBAND! No money, no talk. That’s all.

Gosh, am I that materialistic?

Don’t worry, money isn’t everything=)

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