Monday, April 26, 2010


Exactly 1 week before my Melbourne trip, I haven’t packed anything! Katie said there’s nothing much I need to bring except undies and leggings. And not even shoes cause we’re so blessed to share the same size! Teehee. It’s winter there! But I’m pretty sure the joy and fun of having bestie around will distract us from the cold and depressing weather. Meanwhile I will be able to see Hunt, the heartless best male friend whom I haven’t heard from for months. Anyone who thinks he deserves a smack, I’ll be willing to do you the favor when I see him.

By the way, I discovered that our face condition is different everyday. With cosmetic factor being constant (as in with the same make-up skill applied), it varies according to our mood and hormone levels. Haven’t you realized that sometimes no matter how much effort we devote into looking our best, we’re still nowhere near perfection; whereas once in a while, we look astounding even with the simplest effort? The same goes for our hair. I think mine look the best whenever I wake up from a long sleep. They look so wavy and natural and irresistible to the extent that every man who sees it would die for a quickie first thing in the morning. Wtfreak. Okay I was kidding about the quickie part, cause really, my non-make-up face in the morning is simply yucky. HAHA.

Awesome photo taken in the morning, after a full make-up session, of course.

I’ve been craving to watch movies in the cinema! But right now I’m stuck in Muar being my siblings’ driver, and if you haven’t realized, there isn’t any proper cinema in this small town. There seems to be an inexplicable force from the cinema that attracts me. That’s not surprising perhaps, considering that cinema has always served for dating purpose. Yet even when I’m alone, I would not hesitate to buy myself a seat and catch a movie in the theater. Some think I’m insane, while some call it pathetic. But what difference does it make if you were to watch it alone, except not having a hand to hold onto? And seriously, you won’t die without holding someone’s hand in the dark. Everything that shows on the large screen never fails to intrigue me, even when it’s not a blockbuster movie. Each time I’m seated, I secretly pray that time would drag on so I wouldn’t have to leave the hall.

As I’ll be starting my uni life soon, I’m calling quit to all my freelance jobs. So whatever upcoming road show or fair, you probably won’t be seeing me, or maybe I will still show up as a guest. Teehee. I’ve received the offer letter from a few Aussie uni so far, but still waiting for those from Singapore. I’m not even sure whether I can get into NUS as it’s of world’s top ranked and highly competitive. There’ll be a telephone interview from Shell tomorrow! Gawd, I’m so not-prepared! Gotta start brainstorming for things they might ask me. But Shell scholarship for a non-bumiputra, what are the chances? Oh well. . .


Hayley said...

Make up can be very addictive. so i think we should not over do it.

enjoy your trip Kate! ;)

Copykate said...

hayley: i can never step out of my house without make up. lol. thanks! hope it'll be a pleasant trip =)