Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Me is Back to Home!

Good day! How great it feels to be home. I love my bed, I love my garden, I love my TV and everything here even though I have to set my feet on the dusty floor with books and who-knows-what-rubbish scattered all over due to the absence of maid. Right now, I’m in my peach colour bear printed satin pyjamas, sipping my coffee biting my fingers as I checked through my gmail hotmail. Well you see, those strike out actions actually sounded more sophisticated, but they aren’t exactly what I’m doing -______- One thing I loathe is washing my dirty underwear WITH MY OWN HAND! Guess what, there are three bloody stained undies waiting for me in the plastic bag. Can you imagine, I kept them in my luggage and travelled all the way back from KL, then left them there until the next morning. I wonder why I am even telling you this. Hello, you have no right to smirk at me! Try being a girl for 1 month, you will realize how awful it is to have your period and worse, leakage.

Let me show you a preview of Jed & Jac’s wedding last Sunday.

Oh, by saying preview, it actually means my picture! Just mine! Kaka. Just to show you the awesome dress I wore that night.

Mum asked whether my cleavage was fake. She assumed that I drew them on. Wtfreak what kinda mother is that? O.o

Not forgetting, my hemsem partner. Hiak hiak. Have to say he’s hemsem or else he will be upset XD

Better still, looking dashing in his coat and tie. *pinch*

Seriously, I need to get a Nu Bra.

Gotta run. Meeting Jess for Secret Recipe but I’m still in my pyjamas right now. So so so gonna be late.

Stay tune for JJ’s wedding post!


Andrew said...

home is always da best rite?? LOL... btw talking about homecook... call u can.. but u cook.. can??? LOL

Copykate said...

i cook? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA would u like to see some pictures of my homecock dishes? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA i might post them up next time LOL!