Sunday, November 9, 2008

McD My Study Place

Final exam this Tuesday!

Here’s a quick update on my revision progress. The fact is, I have barely completed half of my revision, despite skipping class on Friday. Looks like I’m practising my procrastination habit again. Wooh. Still can online and update my blog. Kaka.

Screw the exam anyway. It’s a waste of time and resources, and the major factor of us students’ depression.

There’s been a very big distraction throughout my pre-exam weekend.

The fella I mean, not the balls.

Why lahhhhhhhh dragged me to snooker place? I don’t give a damn about snookers. I can’t hold the stick. I don’t bend down my body and show my cleavage. I have no likings for little coloured balls. I suck at games. And it was a crappy place with devil-knows-what stains on the carpet and cigarette stench which might in long term cause me lung cancer. Oh, I had no choice you see. he was supposed to walk me home but insisted that I watch him play. I couldn’t have walked home in the dark on my own. Beautiful girl like me could easily be caught and raped and sold to the brothel X(((

See how bored I was =P

Ohhh, we’ve got a favourite study place now – Mc Donald’s! Air-con, cushion seat and refillable drink. Isn’t that awesome!

Study study study.

Ugly NS t-shirt =/ I think we’ve become some sorta mentor mentee bullshit. Considering I have to guide him like a little kid all the time. Hiak hiak.

Big discovery of the day! I can look chio from the left side of my face too, provided my hair is pinned or pushed up! Awesome-ness thanks to Katie! Pictures of her later! Teehee.

Ok here's my ugly uneven eyes.

Gotta get back to my study table. Ciaoz!

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