Saturday, November 22, 2008

Pasta Mania!

Pasta! Pasta! Don’t you miss eating pasta?

I personally prefer creamy cheese or mushroom type, rather than bolognaise sauce. How about you?

Yesterday, aunt called and at the end of the conversation, she said she was on the way to Michael Angelo at Sunway Pyramid to try out the pasta. Cheap and delicious, according to her. I drooled upon hearing that, wishing that someone would bring me out for pasta right at that moment!

I browsed through my Picasa, discovered some pictures taken last month in PastaMania!

How do you like my pig tail? XD

Dar-bian enjoying his food.

Garlic bread.

Soup of the day. Mushroom soup would have been a better combination with the garlic bread.

I-forgot-the-name. With tomato slices on top of pieces of bread. Dar-bian loves it while I’m not too fond of it, since I’m not as much a tomato person as he is.

Last but not least, Carbonara! It tasted alright, but obviously not as awesome as the one in Italianies. I must say they were quite generous with the bacon though.

I present you cutie pie with face as clear as newly born infant! HAHAHAHAHA.

Quick come back so we can go for pasta! =)))

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