Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Halloween + Joyce's Birthday @ Soul-ed Out

First day of exam is over! Despite the fact that I screwed up my Math, there is a wave of relief as a quarter of burden has been released. 3 more days to total freedom and craziness! Wooh I can’t wait!

Looks like someone hasn’t been doing his job on maintaining my blog. Doesn’t matter, you know you prefer to read entries written by me =P So right now I’m gonna show you some pics taken on Halloween night! Instead of celebrating Halloween in clubs like the rest of the people we know, we went to Soul-ed Out to celebrate Joyce’s birthday.

It’s a girls-night-out!

Holy Pumpkin Halloween promotion. Each of us brought back 1 shaker.

This is what we can do with the shaker XD

The happy birthday girl.

Tell the waiters that it’s your birthday, and they would lend you a birthday hat and sing you a birthday song.

The best thing is the free photo they provided to preserve as memory.

Me and Joyce.

Virgin Margarita, Screwdriver and a happy girl wtfreak.

This is Christine. Teehee.

Lava cake with Haagen-Daz ice-cream. Super awesome!



We aren’t posing, just. . emm, promoting the pizza? Kaka.

Asked for a pumpkin from the counter. They even allowed us to bring it back. Hiak hiak.

Nice eh?

I’m such a good photographer. Hiak hiak.

Second round at SS2 Murni. By that time, it was around 3am.

Someone was having tea time break from midnight work shift. Teehee.

Happy Birthday! LOL.


Benjamin Chuah said...

happy belated bird day to joyce!

eh the last photo no bad wor. nicely taken :) :)

Copykate said...

yep i love the last photo! too bad there's only 1 copy, and joyce is keeping it :P

Chris said...

soooh shweeet

Copykate said...

joyce so sweet? XD