Monday, December 1, 2008

I <3 Vivi

Welcome to Vivi Concept! What better way to pamper a girl other than shopping?

This is Lena’s favourite Sukara dress.


Pretty cherry print!


Sweet peasant dress. I know what darl is gonna say: You’ll look like a farm girl! I don’t care, I think it’s pretty!


Eyelet detailed. The colour melts my heart! But darl said it looks like a marshmallow and that he wants to eat it. Wtfreak? I know, true true, it's really sweet! XD


There’s baby blue one too! And another soft yellow one.


Can’t find the photo featured in Vivi mag, so this is a similar tiered dress.


I Heart Boys, I Heart Boys not?


Just realized it’s a broken heart. Teehee.

Nolah, I didn’t buy all those. Only the eyelet detailed dress and the tee. Still thinking whether to get the rest. Kaka.

Don’t tell me the dress looks like apron or something k. It’s really short, but I don’t think I’m gonna wear any legging underneath. Leggings make me look lala X(

It’s time to show off my sluttiness! XD


Loo said...

i also want to shop~ oh i shopped in quiksilver dy.. but no tees yet gonna get them soon! when i m not longer broke.. arh... darn broke now. Er.. all of your clothes like APRONS only. Yes. APRONS. A.P.R.O.N.S

Copykate said...

apron??? hmpf i knew you were gonna say that! X(

eee i don't like quicksilver. puik puik. there's this place selling really cheap authentic quicksilver tee u know. hiak hiak.

i'm broke too. but i need to do more shopping~~~