Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Cap Square Bazaar

Have you been to the newly-opened Cap Square situated somewhere around The Heritage Row, opposite the AIA building?

I happened to be there for a bazaar last weekend. To my surprise, there was a TGV cinema in the building, and people were already queuing up to watch the latest movies there. The queue wasn’t that long though, so whoever wants to avoid the crowd should really try out the cinema there.

We heart lifts with huge mirror!

Katie and I in our awesome Vivi dresses!

Gawd, I didn’t know there was an afro head behind me! Kaka.

Met Karena there, and she was like telling, Hik “Wah, so good accompany your gf.” Teehee.

We bought a lovely cupcake.

Mint flavour! XD

I only got to have two small bites. The glutton squirrel ate it off.

Don’t you think my bag really suits my outfit? The matching baby pink colour is so cute! And the bag was quilted! With lovely dolly chain!

Yer, who is this rude guy showing people his middle finger? Jeez.

Oh, just to prove that I’m not an obsessive shopaholic, I did not buy anything from the bazaar! Surprise surprise? Hello, I was only there to check out the stalls and survey what the girls were selling k! See, I’m more like an entrepreneur than a shopper =P

After the bazaar, we headed to Jacklyn’s house for steamboat dinner. No pictures of the night cause all of us were too busy makan. Nearly went dizzy after gulping down 3 full glasses of red wine. LOL.

The night ended with our favourite Oldtown.

I know this pic is a bit unrelated, but I have to post it up cause we look so cute! XD

That’s Eri by the way. Teehee.


JunJun-Riko said...

ur dress very short ler.. *drooling* if im a dude i'll steal u away from ur bf.. haha..

Copykate said...

yea that dress was rather short. but no doubt it's fab! XD

steal me from him? nehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. teehee

Hikaru said...

if ppl steal her away, then i go steal junjun-riko away from her bf lur..kakaka

Copykate said...

hik, wtfreak. hmpf as if she's gonna be stolen by u. kaka

Anonymous said...

Hi, i jus passby to look for the cap square bazar. Your dress look nice... Where you bought it d wor? Mind to tell me? And i am stephy, nice to meet you~