Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2009 New Year Resolution

Christmas is over, and we’re anticipating 2009, a whole new year, a whole new beginning where hopes and opportunity await. How amazing it is that time passes in a blink of eye. Flashing back the history, it seems as if yesterday I was still the silly immature seventeen who was good for nothing but troubles. Like everyone else, I have encountered predicaments and calamity, but instead of weakening my spirit, each time it strengthen my determination and willpower, teaching me to move on and face challenges ahead with sheer determination. Throughout my life journey, tears are inevitable, but fears are never.

During this time of the year, everyone would prepare a whole list of New Year resolution. Wouldn’t I appear like a loser if I don’t have a list of New Year resolution like everyone else? Hmpf! Therefore, I have decided to think of something brilliant only to end up continuing the same list for next year!

Kate’s 2009 New Year Resolution:
1. Request for a higher allowance from dad.
2. Ask for a credit card (how can anyone live without it? It’s for emergency anywayXD)
3. Buy a new pink car. A real car with four wheels which can fetch me ad my awesome friends to travel around! HAHA nolar, see where I’m gonna study only decide. Teehee.
4. A makeover. (New contact lens, new hairstyle, new fashion, new make up style, whatever that contributes to me being more gorgeous.)
5. Include more salad and yogurt in my diet Savor the best chops and steaks in the city. (Hik please take note of this *drools*)
6. Replace cries and whims with a monosyllabic F word whenever we quarrel.
*grunts* If only it’s that easy. Each time we fight, my tears would gush down like hot streams, and because of that he’s always the one who wins. Wtfreak. Unfair.
7. Get a new pet. On second thought, a pet toy would be sufficient. At least they don’t die a pathetic death due to lack of food, water, love and care.

On a random note, someone wants to give dad a Golden Retriever but mum rejected it! Roarrrr!!! We never ever had a Golden Retriever before! Dad has been such a dog lover ever since time immemorial but mum has always been a bi*** to them dogs X( And now that we’re staying in our new house, we aren’t allowed to keep any pets. Roarrrr!

8. Travel to at least one country outside of Malaysia. Speaking of traveling, how is the Cambodia plan going on??? Jeez, I need to make full use of my passport before it expires okay! Besides, how meaningless life could be without traveling T.T
9. Save enough to get a new designer bag. Or clutch if I am too poor.

1more to go aiksss.

Oh oh oh I know!

10. Score straight A’s for A-levels la stupid.

Thank you for reading through my new year resolution. You dunno how important they mean to me! And I was kidding about ending up the same list for next year. I wouldn’t want to retake my AS and A2 exam after all! So please please please let me score straight A’s!

Oh, there’s no need to talk about scholarship right now. I suppose that would be my resolution for next year. Teehee.

Now that I’m done with my resolutions, someone is finally awake from afternoon nap. And his first sentence half-consciously was “Sik meh ye? (eat what?)” Wtfreak. So unromantic.

We had yong tou fu for lunch. What’s for dinner later? As usual, no idea. Deciding what to eat is so troublesome. I wonder if everyone else out there suffers the same problem as me -.-



Andrew said...

whoa... pink car!! LOL =D damn yeng!! like the FnF can?? LOL =D fast n furious...

Andrew said...

blessed new year to you kate!! =D

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing.Well my resolutions include Organizing,Discipline,taking actions,stop complaining,comparing n cynicism.
My heartfelt New Year wishes to all the people around the globe.May this new bring lots of Joy,peace n prosperity where ever we are.Thank you.

Keep smiling!!!
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Copykate said...

andrew, yep whatever car it is, i would like a pink fabulous one! XD

blessed new year to u too! =)))

Copykate said...

avagdro, all the same to u! XD

Milo Kaw Kaw! said...

happy new year to you!
pink car! that's awesome :P ive always want a yellow mini like mr bean's. haha

Copykate said...

milo, a yellow mini? LOL that's so cute! with mr. bean's bear bear as the decoration! XD

Anonymous said...

hey dear happy new year

i changed my blog address,
mind updating your links to my new one?

thanks !