Friday, December 19, 2008

6months Anniversary @ Tony Roma's

On the way to Pavilion. . .

Me: Do you remember what special day it is today?
Hik: 7th of December. . . 7th. . . What is it? Nothing special also.
Me: Think!!!
Hik: Dunno. Tell lah.
Me: It’s our 6 month anniversary!
Hik: It was yesterday! 6th of December!
Me: I don’t care lah. I say 7 then 7. Cause we didn’t even celebrate yesterday. So we should make it up today! XD
Hik: . . .

But still, as we reached Pavilion, he asked me to choose either La Bodega or Tony Roma’s. I was torn between two choices! To be honest, I hadn’t been to either of them. After much hesitating, I made up my choice to have our “6-month-anniversary-lunch” at Tony Roma’s.

Good choice it was, as the food turned out really delicious and comparable to the ones we had in Chilis. As usual, food was served in order.

Virgin strawberry daiquiri.

Soup of the day- beef soup! Honestly, I would give up my favourite creamy mushroom soup for this!

Onion Loaf. We ordered the small one, but it was so gigantic that there was still a quarter left in the end.

Tony’s Asia Salad. It was the best dish we had that day!

Grilled and roasted Rosemary Chicken. Jeez, so much broccoli, and you know how much my sweetie pie loathes greens -.-

2 broccoli left. Hiak hiak.

Took a pic of the receipt cause I thought the comical head on the top right corner was rather cute. Do you think the waiter was trying to draw Hik? Gawd, me think so! LOL.

Oh, all the food and beverage totalled up to RM99+ including tax. However, there is a RM10 redemption for our next visit. A great way to attract customers. But you know, I would definitely pay my second visit anytime soon!

Random pics taken the same day during Hik’s, I emphasize, Hik! Hik! Hik Hik Hik! Hik’s shopping spree! (had to stop before I got hiccup wtfreak)

I like the super gay shorts on him. Wadya think? Teehee.


Katie ♥ said...

ehhh wtff you went to tony roma's and did not eat the pork ribs! nvm we can go again this time :)

i wanna celebrate my anniversary also :(

Copykate said...

aww, i din try the pork rib. it's good? we should go there again! steal hik's RM10 rebate first! kaka

Hikaru said...

fast fast go n hide it in the hse*

oh nooessss, u post up my gay pants pic..rofl

Copykate said...

hikaru, cannot u must give me! *roarrr*

don't worry, your gay pants is awesome coz it's so gay! XD

Copykate said...

baby, i guess it's meant to look that way. short and tight! very the gay-ness wtfreak XD