Sunday, December 14, 2008

Goodies From Kakiis in conjunction with Nuffnang had their very first Kakiis Nite Out at Euphoria last night!

Many great prizes were given out including Wii, Nokia Supernova, Sony PSP and 16GB pendrive. The winners for both photo and video contests were also announced on that very significant kakiis night.

At the first half of the event, all of us were required to play the 10 different kind of games to collect as many foot points as possible. Goodies as mentioned above were then given out to the highest point for each game and the 3highest overall points.

As for me, I received a 16GB pendrive for being one of the volunteers to go forward and play the “longest-breath games”. Wtfreak buat malu lo XD Thank goodness I pulled Jen forward to play along. She could hold her breath for 25seconds! Gawd, superb! Later on, I pushed Hik onstage for the next game. So in the end, my two kakiis and I got a pendrive each. Hello, it’s 16GB! Teehee.

Oh well, that wasn’t the best part yet. When it came to the announcement of the contest winners, one of the photos I posted emerged as the second on the slide! OMG I knew it! I told you I was gonna get that Skinny T no matter what! What can be more exciting that having your name called onstage, with hundreds of audiences setting their eyes on you with much jealousy envy? XD

A Sony T it is.

Along with the memory card and pouch! Gosh, this is worth RM1299 in retail!

Too bad it wasn’t pink though. It’s black-a rather common colour.

I was thinking to trade in the Skinny T and pay a few more hundred for a DSLR. It’s much better and more worth it after all. What do you think? Should I just be grateful with this camera or should I opt something more pro? Should I sell it off? Should I or should I not? I think I need some professional advice here O.o

Anyway, if you’re interested in the Sony Skinny T, kindly contact me at and I shall decide on the best deal! =)

Photos that night shall be updated soon once I got the file from Jen. Hiak hiak.


On another account. . .

Recently, Hik and I have been spending so much time together, it’s as if both of us are inseparable. The weird thing is, no matter how long I spend holding his hand, looking into his eyes, lying on his chest, embracing his broad and manly shoulders, hugging his protective arms and returning his cuddles together with darl, I never seem to get enough of him. Last night, I was so sad before he went home after sending me back to my place. Like a silly cat, I told him I was gonna miss him badly even though I won’t get to see him for only one day. This morning, I received a text from him, saying that I can look at his picture in my phone whenever I miss him. Ta-dah! There it is, his handsome picture, the first photo in my camera album! Jeez. He snapped the photo last night even without my knowing. How sweet~XD

You know what, I can have sex with that pair of amazing eyebrow!

Oh, by saying “have sex”, I don’t mean literally, you stupid fool XD

*continue staring at pic*


Anonymous said...

Hello Kate! Huai Bin here, didn't get a chance to talk to you that night. I think you were sitting in front of me during the contest results announcement. Congrats on the Skinny-T and the 16 GB pen drive. I saw you in the longest breath game, which was why I was the first to get on the next one. Haha! Cheers!

hubba said...

Hiya Kate. Congrats on winning the pendrive and sony cam. Sorry it wasn't in pink.

Anyway, hope you and your kakiis had as much fun attending as we did organizing it. :)

Hikaru said...

awww, sweet 2nd half post..hugsss..muacks*

Copykate said...

huai bin, thanks! u did well on ur stripping dance! cool tattoo u have. LOL!

we've had so much fun yea? XD

Copykate said...

hubba, black is not that bad either =P

thank you, we really enjoyed ourselves that night ;)

oh and not forgetting, the goodies are really awesome! <333

Copykate said...

hikaru darl, thanks for your handsome picture! *hugs*


Anonymous said...

eeeeeeeeeeeeee. Perasan one, Hikamaru!

Copykate said...

zoe, why perasan? LOL