Tuesday, December 16, 2008

15 Things When I Was Back In Muar

When I was back in Muar, I. . .

1. Dressed in my worst and camwhore at home.

2. Ate a lizard. HAHAHAHAHA that was a squid lah.

3. Went shopping and bought dresses.

4. Had lunch at Secret Recipe with Jess,

During which we were served free tapioca chips for being gorgeous.

These weren’t free though.

Chocolate cheese yum yum.

And she is a hardcore mugger.

5. Played 11pm-1am badminton with sis and friends.

Dad said we looked more like we were going for a beauty pageant.

Smocked chicken wings after a good sport, how about that? XD

6. Randomly acted as a Taliban terrorist with my new scarf,

And also an Arab woman.

And hip hop girl wtfreak.

7. Yumcha at “Ah Gu” mamak with the usual gang.

8. Sold many Little Miss tees, including the last few red ones.

9. Self-obsessing in my bedroom.

Head-tilting is cooler than lip-pouting wtfreak.

10. Went for late lunch with Brandon, after which we went to pick up Cherrie.

11. Met my cousins.

Naughty one.

Cute one.

And the siao one is my brother wtfreak.

12. Had my hair highlighted (again, a different shade) for free.

13. Swiping dad’s Platinum card. Hiak hiak. For petrol nia ma -.-

14. Reading two post cards from my love.


15. Crying while hugging my bear when I felt sad and lonely.

Of course, there were many other things I did throughout the whole week back there. And right now I am back in Muar for yet another week. Quick ask me out, dudes and babes! XD


Hikaru said...

i mean your cute cousin..teehee

15. Crying while hugging my bear when I felt sad and lonely.

everytime u sad, your lips will go pout by itself..hahaha

Copykate said...

hik, cute right she! big big eyes. so adorable! teehee.

sad what of coz :(

cause someone made me sad :'''(

Anonymous said...

Im from Muar too :)

Copykate said...

owh really? cool! hello muarian XD