Saturday, August 25, 2007

Birthday Part 4- Movie Rojak

It was a pity that the guys especially Jin Sheng and Yaw Theng couldn’t be there for my celebration night! To make up for that, we went to catch a movie today! Dead Silence, the Mary Shaw’s horror!

I thought I would tremble whenever I sit Henry’s car. He’s a reckless driver! With lousy skills! No joke here. There was once when we nearly caught in a accident thanks to his SMS-ing while driving. Gawd.

Jin Sheng looks better in real life. This isn’t a very nice pic, but anyway I’m gonna post it. Honestly, he looks like Wu Zun XD

Yaw Theng is forever sleepy. No wonder he mistook me as 18 years old! X(

Rojak (we asked for “you-za-kuih” only) and Lak Bi.

A quarter of our regular hang out. I miss them guys lotz! =)

Ask Kate to bring you to Tanjung when you come to Muar! It’s quite a nice place. You will love the sea breeze!

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