Saturday, August 25, 2007

Birthday Part 1- The Feast

I know you must have been waiting for my birthday entry! Finally I am free to sit still in my living hall, enjoy a cup of freshly-brewed hot chocolate, do some editing and update my blog. At the moment, it’s drizzling outside.

Get ready for the celebration! I spent at least one hour dressing up and another hour putting up my make-up. You don’t wanna know how many hairstyles I’ve tried. They turned out like ugly wig and. . . argh, I didn’t wanna have bad hair for my birthday eve! At last I settled for this- sweet and simple=)

Instead of having my celebration at our usual hang outs like Secret Recipe, I decided to have it held at Long Poh Restaurant. It must be rare for people like our age to celebrate one’s birthday at such restaurant instead of café. But a good feast was all I want. You bet I’ve been a big eater all this while.

The main dish- “Thailand steamed fish”. A must-have whenever you come to this restaurant!

“Can’t you guys stop taking pictures for once?” *Sigh*
Well, we bloggers should know this is part of our job. We aren’t the professional bloggers but at least we’re the semi-pro. There’s no way we can let go of any interesting shots. Camera by our side 24/7. You might want to call us the blog-addicts?

I must upload this picture because Jol Wee and I, we both looked so gorgeous! *evil laugh* XD

It’s Kim! I wonder when was the last time we took a picture together. Remember Ang Zang and Latak? LOL. Oh no! She made me miss my old school day, those days when we often take pictures outside the class!

Chic Rulez!

It surprised me when Jess turned up at the end of our feast. OMG!!! She skipped classes and came back just for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Awwwwww, I feel so touched! Love you Jess!!! <3>

Wait guys, it didn’t just end like this. After that we went to Uncle Sam’s Café. They bought a cake for Kate! I’ve guessed so. After all that’s what we always do for our friend’s birthday. It’s more like our tradition.

Thanks ya Hui Ruan for lighting up the candles! Look, doesn’t it seem romantic? <3

Even the non-bloggers couldn’t resist it! XD

I know this is weird cause it’s the first time ever I exposed my teeth. Guess what? I got them train tracks off just a few days ago! So that was the best present ever this year!

Jess’s good deed. She pretended to wipe the choc off my face only to make it worse! The filthy cat-faced Kate!

OMG what was Henry the pervert face doing??? LMAO.

My cousin happened to view my camera pictures and commented something on Yee Kiat. Sadly, this time it wasn’t about him resembling a Korean actor but. . . Okay, let me just quote what she said:
“Is this a girl or a boy???”

(note: she wasn’t joking.)
But honestly, he didn’t look that girlish at all, did he? Except for the 1st picture with the sissy finger XD

This is Jake from Australia! Trust me, he looks much cuter in real life! I think I've fell in love with his accent. He sounded so nice and sweet! <3>

Jess, Zi Li and Henry were the last three person with me till the clock ticked 12. We’ve had a great time. I love them! And everyone else who was there that night!

It had been a long and tiring day. I reached home. I took a shower. I changed into my pyjamas. Dozed off.
To be continued. . .

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