Friday, August 17, 2007

On 2nd Thought, Not.

My first time to Campus Alive. NLRC Kota Kemuning.

Click here to visit CA's blog=)

The seniors brought us to this expensive cafe somewhere around there. It was a really nice hang out place though.

The reading corner?

I didn't feel the need of consuming carbohydrate at that time. So instead of ordering rice, I treated myself the banana spilt which cost me RM8.80! I didn't know that there would be two really large scoops of ice-cream! Definitely a gargantuan proportion of meal! In fact I could hardly finish it. It was then I realized that. . . Gawd, I wasn't supposed to take any cold drink, let alone ice cream at that time!!!

This is the church=)

Can you actually figure out what country Josh is trying to convey by pointing the edge of the bottle? Well, the answer is no other than South Africa! Okay. . . LOL

The sermon was good. At least it wasn't like those soporific ones which make me feel somnolent. So looking forward to the next CA! =)

And finally, it's my fall-sem-break! We're having a 1week holiday!!! If I were to be given a choice, I would probably run my way back home now! The problem is, we'll be having mid term Math exam tomorrow! *horrified* You know that I suck at Math. Always had to rely on the freak (Kent) and the professor (Chun How).

I'm supposed to be studying now! But instead. . .

You know what, each time I'm self-obsessing infronta my camera, I would be reminded about a stupid remark. Someone reprimanded me for calling myself a cam-whore, saying that it directly means that I'm a prostitute! OMG, what century is she living at??? I wouldn't blame her if she hasn't come across such phrase, since she's old enough to be my mum. I dunno why she was giving a big fuss abut me using "cam-whore". And calling me a pros. . . Whatever=.="

Actually I've typed a long post on what happened last Friday which made me deleted my previous entries. But on second thought, well, better not, in case it offends certain people again. I've had enough of bitching and blog wars! If you're curious to know, come find me and figure it out then! All I can tell you is that I made a deal with the school not to blog anything about it. In oother words, I shall never post anything which will affect it's reputation (like it has one). Now you see the power of my blog? Gawd, don't tell me it's because I've been promoting it or something. Like who would ever read it if it wasn't interesting in the first place? Okay, enough for boasting. Otherwise some people are gonna turn awful again. *run!*

Happy Holiday! XD


leeern said...

walao.. that serious meh?? u made a seal with d school?

Copykate said...

yea. thanks to some fugly cow who juz loves complaining to daddy=)gawd, i saw the copies of my blog in black and white!!!


okay, now they're acting as if i'm a VIP. copykate, very important person XD

leeern said...

wahaha.. bloody scary la.. cannot write anything as we like, especially when we're not abiding d rules. =_=

Copykate said...

u see, it's our blog yet we can't write whatever we want. it sux!

thanks to some fugly cow who went to tell on me X(

Anonymous said...

hi first time here...I heard about the rumours but I was not suree of their authenticity. Dun bother them, I mean some of them are just bloody oversensitive fellas. nice pic. your rumours even spread to alm. dashyat la

Copykate said...

welcome to copykate blogspot, sihan! =)

anyway, the whole issue should be over by now. (i hope)

oh it spreaded to alm? aww.

anyway, i hv problem reading ur blog. u sud consider changing the font's colour.

Anonymous said...

NONONO, you should wait until the white background coming out!!!! pls wait because the connection in Intec is very slow, so pls be patient.