Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Malacca Trip 1 - the historical town

The following week after AS exam, my beloved classmates and I had a road trip to Malacca town and A’famosa resort city. 2 cars, 11 beasts and bitches, in the morning the journey began. Soon we received a heart warming welcome from the historical city.

We booked our rooms at Tang House, a bed and breakfast hidden somewhere in the Jonker Street. It took us quite a while to finally locate it.

It does have quite an obscene mural! XD

The interior of our bed and breakfast. Spot the beautiful painting collection on the wall.

The lucky man with four wives? Wtfreak. The staircase leads to our rooms upstairs.

Once checked in, we girls started cam-whoring in the room.

Looking cool huh?

Until our ugliest spontaneous side was caught on cam! LOL.

By the time, we were all tired and famished. That was when we went hunting for the famous chicken rice balls.

Jason Mraz was caught staring at Paris Hilton’s crotch wtfreak.

Always look out for the life size Ah Xian. Teehee.

The empty table and the hungry us. Weiyi intentionally hid her face.

Here comes our glorious chicken rice balls.

Someone captured my hungry look before we started feasting. LOL.

After lunch, we proceeded to walk around Jonker Street.

Typical old buildings in the historical town.

Trishaws with exaggerated decorations can be seen everywhere. A ride probably costs around RM30? Anyone knows the price?

A cute tee spotted in a random shop. I did not purchase any though, as I had vowed not to spend on unnecessary stuff like what tourists do.

By the way, Tang House is situated at a lane next to the Jonker stage. Not that difficult to find after all.

After the walk, we had our own leisure time at Tang House’s balcony. A pretty nice place to hang out.

Good time for Eyu to show off his guitar skill. Look, that’s his big time supporter! XD

Things happen when guys get together in a room. Oopsie.

We took a nap to regain some energy for the night. No, we haven’t reached the exciting part yet, have we?

How did we spend our first night in Malacca? Stay put for my next post!


Benjamin Chuah said...

fuah... 1 sentence for 1 photo. lol

Copykate said...

ben: yea captions for each photo. unlike u so long-winded. i have nothing much to write XD

ZQ Travels said...

Is Tangs House - the accommodation you stayed, good? planning a trip to malacca in Oct from Singapore.. just checking out available hotels


Copykate said...

zq: it's awesome! very new and clean and cheap. the location is strategic. i would recommend u to stay there =)

L.Chew said...

yor... Why did put our ugliest photo? >.<
Nvm...Atleast it's better than your "sex-contained" photo... Haha... Horny Kate... =P

Copykate said...

chew win: it's not ugly! it's funny that's why i posted up XD omg the ham sap mural! kaka

=chuan guan= said...

no tour guide?haha

Copykate said...

chuan guan: we had two tour guides that night to bring us to club! LOL

desmondch said...

wow..nice..where else you all went somemore ? i form melaka too..=)

Sean Ong said...

trishaw ride is round rm 25 to rm 28. just bargain, be really friendly and they'll give you even cheaper rides.

Copykate said...

desmond: oh u're from there! we went to aloha at night and headed to afamosa resort the next day. will post up part 2 of the trip soon! XD

sean: ohhh so it's around that price. i wouldn't want to spend for the ride though. LOL

Anonymous said...

hey hey! you know the place you stayed, 'tang house', is it like clean and proper?

NOT dodgy and filled with prostitutes kind? ahahaha
Coz I plan to stay there when I go down to Melaka soon, i'm on a budget, heehee:)

Copykate said...

debra: it's very clean and tidy. seems new also. very homey and friendly environment. we only paid RM180 for three rooms! much below our budget. really worth! teehee