Monday, January 4, 2010

Maxis BMW Roadshow

It’s 1.20am now but I decided that I shall update my blog to at least feed my readers something new so you guys would come back every day. I have a few posts pending, but they’re all long posts with many photos, and you know I’m just plain lazy. My recent posts are all short, with a few sentences and very limited photos. And right now I’m gonna repeat the same thing. In fact I was even thinking of just posting up a few photos without words and call it off. My, where has my passion towards blogging gone to?

Some photos of me working during Maxis Roadshow. It was the week before I worked in Starhill.

The girls and I were being chauffeured around by three BMW 1series. Our job was to promote the Download, Play and Win contest which has already ended by now.

Met Barbara, whom I’ve always known as Jac’s friend on the first day.

A photo of me taken in the office during our break time. Thanks to Jayson who carried his Nikon around.

The job was harder than you think, as we had to walk around under the scorching sun. I got tanned after 4days T.T

Worked with Chew Win as well. That’s Myfm Myvi cruiser that distributed so much freebies to the bystanders and passerbys.

Okay gotta sleep now and wake up at 2pm like what I did today. So lifeless without a part time job now. But I’m meeting the girls tomorrow for Stepfanie’s birthday celebration! I think that makes me a little less lifeless. LOL.

Come back every day even though there’s no update hor! Ciaoz.


Boon said...

Hot girl with BMW. Nice post.

Wish that I can own a BMW in 5 years time. =) Have a nice day! Take care!

Copykate said...

boon: i hope so too! lol.