Saturday, January 16, 2010

Stepfanie's Birthday @ The Apartment KLCC

In the beginning of January, we celebrated Stepfanie’s birthday at The Apartment, KLCC.

Prisca who just came back from Hong Kong bought us cookies and candies from Disneyland!

It was my first time dining in The Apartment. So in love with the way they decorate the restaurant!

I ordered Baked Fish. Chessy and yummy. Highly-recommended! But according to Stepf, the food there are all RM4 more expensive compared to The Curve branch.

Candid. Pris you warming up?? XD

Photo session.

We made so much noise there which kinda pissed off an Ang Moh man. Teehee.

So the girls got inspired for a new pose. Shhhhhhh. Wtfreak.

The birthday girl and I.

Sam pat po Prisca.

Sun aka tai yang popo? LOL.

Strawberry cheese cake!

We nearly went to Chilis if it weren’t Stepf who wanted the cake in The Apartment. Good choice. Nice background and lighting for our photos.

Me, Prisca, Stepf, Sun, Yomiko and Vennice.




After settling the bill, we proceeded to camwhore in the shopping mall.

Yomiko and I.

Bought a regular tub of NZN ice-cream with my free voucher!

Spot my finger.

Yummmy girls ice-cream.

Last but not least, Prisca’s new bag which reminds me of Coco Chanel. I want one too!

Looking forward for our next outing! <3


shaynaJo said...

nice fedora hat.. where did u get it? :)

Copykate said...

shaynaJo: the hat belongs to my bf. he gave it to me. LOL! sg wang if not mistaken =)

cr3ap said...

Wow, sure it's a nice outing I could see from the pics. Nice posing with your friends. Your cheesy baked fish seems nice. Made me hungry now.

Regards from cr3ap

Simon Seow said...

Reminds me that I didn't buy Loh Poh Bang from HK because I mix up my departure time.

Copykate said...

cr3ap: yea we had a great time there. the fish was really yummy! u gotta try XD

simon: lol too bad for u. teehee

Nikel Khor said...

is me many lenglui model thr for me shot..recommend me..

Nikel Khor

Copykate said...

nikel: wadya mean recommend u??? LOL

Xiaopei said...

I like your style of the day :)

Copykate said...

xiaopei: thanks babe. it was a casual outfit. looked great with the hat XD