Thursday, January 14, 2010

Christmas Dinner @ El Cerdo

On Christmas Day, Darl and I had our dinner at El Cerdo, a strictly non-halal Spanish pork restaurant.

Extra points for the European interior design which sparked up the romantic ambience.

Rose Raspberry Sangria for me.

White Wine Pear Sangria for him. Both of the wine punch(es?) were equally tasty.

The complimentary creamy mushroom soup before the entrée was served.

It happened that I wasn’t in luck as the marinated frog legs were not available that day. We ordered the mixed appetizer plate instead which consists of French “Rillettes”, Pate of Pig Trotter, Spanish Salami, Pork Liver Pate and Pig Cheek in Wine Aspic. To be honest the appetizer wasn’t appetizing at all. Especially the pig cheek, made me wanna puke. It’s like a jelly with porky taste. The thought of chewing on piggy’s cheeks was enough to turn off my appetite. Perhaps we aren’t used to eating such dishes.

Hik looking cute with the disposable napkin.

Marinated Pork Shoulder Steak is highly recommended! It’s marinated for 48 hours! Super love the onion strips toppings! We finished every bit of this dish!

Slow Cook Tender Ribs. It tastes average. Don’t really fancy it as it’s served with BBQ sauce.

Hik took this and was so proud of it. He even called it his drunk vision of me. Wtfreak. Drink punch also can get drunk ah? How come I look uglier? Thought I’m supposed to look prettier when he’s drunk and horny!

Ze cam-hos XD

I wanted the El Cerdo piggy paper bag, so we asked the waiter to tapao the two leftover ribs! Didn’t know I could look that cute in candid photo. LOL.

The friendly manager offered to take some photos for us. She said must take photos since I’m all dressed up for Christmas. Teehee.

If I were to rate El Cerdo, it would be 4/5. -1 for the pricey mineral water that costs RM5.50. Felt cheated =(

Last but not least, my outfit photo. Heart the lacey dress that fits me perfectly!

That’s the dress that mum forbade me from taking from dad’s boutique, over which I cried and drove home. I drove my way to the shop hours later and grabbed the dress for myself. Mum blah non-stop “ni yao jiu shi yao de hor?”. Of course! How often can you find your perfect dress for Christmas? There was another black one, but white seem more appropriate for the occasion. The funny thing is, the next day I forgot to bring it up to KL! FML. At last had to trouble mum to send it by Pos Laju. “Ni zui li hai ma fan ren”. HAHA.


Hikaru said...

awwww..hambao kate with her dresses..

are u sure dat shot is candid??

nice eveninng with baby.mwah

Copykate said...

hikaru: it was candid! i was frowning over something when u took it. then the next photo i posed, but the candid one looks better. teehee. had a great evening with darl too! *hugs*

Simon Seow said...

Wah El Cerdo, I wan, I wan. Pork Pork Pork.

Copykate said...

simon: i want frog legs!

Janice said...

evy scolding frm ur mum worth so much..
the dress realy look way way way gud!

Copykate said...

janice: right! like i said it was the perfect dress! have to fight every breathe for it! XD

cr3ap said...

Well nice outing dinner you had there. Blurry pics. drunk and horny huh. Funny. :D. You look cute with the paper bag and your dress seems nice. The way you type those mandarins makes me laugh cause I'm imagining how your mum scolded you :D

Regards from cr3ap

Copykate said...

cr3ap: my mum nags at me often! always complains that i spend money like water. teehee. thanks for the compliment! <3

L.Chew said...

haha. The dress is nice. I saw that similar dress in sg wang leh.
The mineral water's price is ok already. Yesterday I saw the menu in my working place, you know how much for a bottle of mineral water?? RM18!!

Copykate said...

chew win: RM18?! LOL! i would rather order fruit punch with that amount of money. u sure it's mineral water but not sparkling water? jeez