Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I Shall Update Later

Disney cookies from Hong Kong! Thank you Prisca!

Photo taken in The Apartment, KLCC where we celebrated Stepfanie’s 21st birthday.

As usual, laziness got the better of me, so I’ve decided to postpone the photo editing to… who knows when. Later perhaps, after I’m done watching the Chipmunks movie.

This morning, I was awakened by the annoying blasting noise from the house renovation upstairs. Reluctant to succumb to the sound pollution, I hid myself underneath the blanket and covered my ears with a pile of pillows. Alas, it didn’t work.

There ruined the supposedly serenity of my weekday sleep-in.

House cleaning had never been more tiring. With the Cocker Spaniel shedding her fur every few seconds, it was impossible to get the floor mopped perfectly. What’s more, she followed me wherever I go, stepping on the ground where I had just cleaned.

Failed to locate where her leash is kept.

She looks ridiculously hilarious with the “cone of shame” on. It’s meant to prevent her from directly scratching her face.

I’ve been assigned to prepare dinner tonight. Pan-fried salmon and stir-fried bitter gourd. Hopefully they won’t look nor taste too nasty. The time has come to acquire some essential cooking skills.


..*AnNiE*.. said...

I like your hair in the pic.Niceeee!<3

Copykate said...

annie: thanks babe! the colour seems more obvious in this pic compared to the previous photos XD

Simon Seow said...

I like your er... eyes :p

Copykate said...

simon: aha tenkiu simon. LOL

Himmat Singh said...

Droppinf from Innit.
My advice: Just spit it out!

Copykate said...

himmat: i don't geddit. are you referring to my awful food or something else? lol

Jackie said...

i like errr...hair and eyes been taken...

i like u!! lol wtf sound so wrong..

Ken Wooi said...

nicely taken shot =)


Copykate said...

jackie: yer wtf sounds so wrong. later your gf da bin lei! teehee

kenwooi: thank u =)