Monday, September 17, 2007

Kate on Cake

The Malays were having CTU in my classroom during lunch time. So I decided to the lab for a little blog hopping.

Miss Judy's Life's Like That

There was an entry about Jack a.k.a. Billy or call it Billy a.k.a. Jack's birthday. No surprise. I saw it in Friendster reminder. But wait, scroll down a little. . . Woah, nice cake. But wait, is that. . . OMG that's my name!!! Oh my freak!
Hey hey what's this all about??? My name on the cake!!! LOL.

ps: KATE <3 color="#000000">

This is the nicest cake ever! Argh, I'm so jealous now! Why does he deserve such a nice cake??? I don't even get such nice cake for my birthday!!! X(
See, they even cut out that piece and gave it to Jack! Gee, did someone just swallow me into his big belly? XD
Hey people, it's my name!!!

You girls should keep JACK that piece for me what! So not thoughtful one X(
Happy belated birthday. Although it came a little too late=)
You look great in that magician hat, but definitely not that boxer!!!! Not in public at least. But I've gotta admire your courage. Keep it for bedtime! XD

p/s: I don't fancy someone's white jacket. It was the brown one, alamak X(


JuDy said...

Haha.Yeah.I got him a pair of wacky socks,a tie and that hat from cake was nice.i dun even get cakes like that for my's cool that ure cool bout gona ask him to visit ur blog soon.tehee.all the best kate~

Katie ♥ said...


i think that "magician hat" is actually called a fedora.

ala justin timberlake.

he is so hot i could eat him :D

seeyousoon babe! xoxo

Anonymous said...

eh... i think u guys are over goo-gaa over him... he is quite annoying at times... haha... he is so going to kill me when he sees this...

alg senior

Anonymous said...

what's wrong wif da boxer?!

we spent da whole afternoon looking for it k?!!

da hose is cool...and find

too bad we can't find 1 wif ur name on it...

btw, billy licked something

- y3k

Anonymous said...

judy WE got him da stuff

Copykate said...

judy, u tot i was gonna be mad over the cake? that would be so unlike me! XD

wow, i bet he loves those presents!

Copykate said...

oh fedora.

but wait, who's hot? jack or justin??? u can't be eating jack!LOL.

Copykate said...

argh, which alg senior? X(

yes we're kinda over gaga. the whole thing started from the jacket.

oh ya, it's beige actually. not brown.

Copykate said...

who are you, y3k?

i love to see guys wearing boxers! but. . . at such public place? *shame shame* LOL.

gosh i know what he licked!!!


Copykate said...

xiang, yea, it sud be WE. i knew you guys shared the present. sud have included me.

anyway, juz kd. i'm not that crazy about him after all XD