Sunday, September 16, 2007

RedBox & Sushi

So it’s weekend again! Frankly, I was really stressed up by all the assignments and tests. My mid-term scores aren’t that satisfying. Then there’s SAT which is approaching. In less than 1month I will be doing the actually SAT. Yet so far, my scores have been really bad. I’m really fed up with all the quizzes. There’re quizzes every week. There’s not even a single day when I can really sit down and slack a little. STRESS!!! PRESSURE!!! Fine, fine. I gotta deal with this. How? Go have fun! It was then I decided to tag along to Sunway Pyramid on Friday. I pampered myself with McD lunch; I got back to hostel; I took a shower. Off we went to Sunway!

Our main purpose there was to sing karaoke in RedBox! It’s been quite some time since I last went there. We showed our student ID and checked in. Room 12. I think we’ve sung more than 50 songs in those three hours. It feels good being a student cause there’re always privilege for us. Look, we get to buy student tickets in the cinema, and now we get to order student drinks in RedBox! Gosh, I never want to give up my status as a student. Can I just keep my student ID after my graduation and continue using it until someone realise that I’m too old to be a student?

After that, we had our dinner at Sushi King! RedBox had already cost me abundant, and now it was Sushi King! But it was my idea to eat there anyway XD It kinda stirred up my old feelings. The scene of me and my ex eating at Sushi King flashed through my mind. Don’t get me wrong here, cause I’m so totally over him by now! It’s just that. . I was just. . Well, I was wondering, if we were still together, and if he were to be there, he would surely pay for my meal! OMG. I know that was an evil thought! It’s like I’m using him! But that was what exactly came to my mind. If I had a boyfriend, I wouldn’t oblige myself from ordering expensive food because he’ll always spend his bucks on me! My friend asked, “What if he spent on you until ‘pokai’ ?” “Dump him!” So easy eh? LOL. Gosh, wait, I’m not that kinda girl!!!! (better make sure he doesn't read this=x)

Want some wasabi?

What came next? Shopping! I told myself not to spend but failed. I purchased a blouse and a jacket that looks more like a bathe robe. Then I realized that there was only RM5 left in my purse! *horrified* I went to the ATM machine and withdrew 200. That was the maximum amount for anybody who is under 18. I assured myself that it was the government’s money that I was spending so I wouldn’t feel that guilty. I couldn’t possibly accept the fact that I was spending daddy’s money on clothes knowing that he owns boutiques. Later on, I tried to find something for Gareth, my French programme friend who’s flying on 30th September. On every cute little stuff I spotted, there would be either “I love you” or “I miss you” or “Kiss kiss” or “Hug hug” or “Forever”. Are couples the only people who give present? I admit that I used to look for those stuff quite often when I wasn’t single. But now I’m so sick of them! I mean, they’re cute and would definitely be good gifts, but couldn’t they stop appearing on my sight for I couldn’t just simply buy them and give to anybody on the street! Anyway, I'll update you guys about the gift I've got him soon. After I pass it to him.

I wonder when will be my turn to fly to US. Shouldn’t I have applied for France instead? Then I would get to visit the romantic Paris and learn their romantic language! And take pix at Eiffel Tower! OMG please tell me that US is better than France! X(


Anonymous said...

UK scenery is beta but US can shop more..u prefet which 1??

Copykate said...

shopping!!! XD

i don't have a choice now anyway. US is the only place i can go

Anonymous said...

COME ON!!!US is the best country ever!!! =D
shouldn't complain about going to the US. Trust me, you'll surely like it.

Copykate said...

oh really? i hope! =P i din choose that country during the interview you know. but juz happened to get it. well, God has a plan for me XD