Friday, November 13, 2009

Howling at the New Moon

No, I’m not going to show you any photos of the thick-ass story books to prove that I’m a hard-core Twilight fan, nor tell you how much I’m addicted to the books and couldn’t get my eyes off them once I started reading. Because clearly I am not.

When Twilight was released, I couldn’t help thinking why some people are so excited about it. Most of the fans are girls, because only girls like us would be attracted to a human-vampire romance story. For some guys, it was merely bullshit and a waste of time. After all, who wants to watch Twilight with his girlfriend screaming in the cinema for Edward’s hotness? Their self-esteem would be affected altogether!

The main reason I watched Twilight was Edward Cullen. The snowy fair skin, the perfect jaw line and the pair of charming mysterious eyes were more than enough to make me fantasize. His appearance in New Moon this time is even way hotter! With such hot and charming main character, how can I not like the movie???

In fact, I love Edward so much that I even tried to turn my boyfriend into him!

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. OMG. It was a failed attempt! I don’t think he resembles Edward Cullen, does he? Please don’t question me about the blurry mouth. My editing skill really sucks big time. Hik said i made him looks more like Zues ! FML. Why can’t I make him look like Edward??? X(

Fine, it’s a tedious task.

Another reason I like about Twilight Saga is Jacob’s hotness! (Sheesh, don’t I have better reasons? It’s always about someone’s hotness. Wtfreak.) In the previous Twilight movie, Jacob’s appearance was awful! Each time he appeared on the screen, I would start wondering whether he has ever washed his messy long hair. It doesn’t do any good to his character rather than making him creepy and disgusting.

But look at how different he is in New Moon! It’s amazing how a simple hair cut and attire can totally transform someone. Aren’t you surprised by his new charisma? I drool by the sight of his body! Jacob makes me have second thought about Edward. (HAHA wtfreak talking as if I really get to date both of them or something)

The love between vampire and human is already complicated itself. And now, with a werewolf getting in between forming a triangle love, isn’t it superb? I can’t wait to watch the scene when Jacob turned into a werewolf to scare the vampire away. Werewolf vs vampire. Awesome!

Oh not forgetting to mention, I’m looking forward to see Dakota Fanning. The last time I remember, she was still a little girl in Tom Cruise’s arms. Now she’s an elegant-looking vampire. OMG I want to dress up like that also! Teehee.

Can’t wait to watch New Moon! Now I gotta transform my boyfriend into one with Edward’s face and Jacob’s body! XD

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theeggyolks said...

I heard that the story is nice. Going to watch it soon!

Copykate said...

theeggyolks: watched 3 trailers. seem really interesting! much more complicated than the first one. must watch! XD

Tony Wan said...

I din watch th 1st one. But I already attracted by the trailer of this New Moon. wtf gonna catch back the 1st one already.

Aidi-Safuan said...

gonna watch diz movie!!!!

Copykate said...

tony: i watched the first one twice dy. lol. u should watch it before u go for new moon XD

aidi: of course! we'll love it! lol

Jackie said...


Copykate said...

jackie: jacob with the to-die-for body! <33333