Monday, November 9, 2009's Event Day

Have you seen the videos of Banner Concert auditions on Meanwhile, if you followed my twitter (and also everyoneconnect’s twitter), you should have been aware about the sing-along booths which have been going on in various locations. Click here to watch these people singing their own versions of Through My Window. Some of them really cracked me up. LOL.

Good news to all the fans of! There will be an event day on 21st November located at Sungei Wang main entrance! Activities and contests will be going on including Sing-Along Karaoke, the finals of Banner Concert, SuVirtual Dance Tournament and so on.

Apart from that, those who attend the event will be able to watch performances by Bunkface! Don’t you want to hear them sing Through My Window live? Who knows you might get to snap a few photos with them and get their signatures? Teheee.

Shila, the Malaysia’s version of Miley Cyrus will be there too! If you haven’t heard of her (I know some of you are very suaku just like me, dunno about local celebs), check out her profile here.

Live video streaming! You know what that means? Run to the video man and make him record you so you can appear live in! With the high traffic of their website, it will be your one moment of fame, awesome not? HAHA.

Or perhaps, if you aim for something greater, run to the TV crew! Make them interview you or something! Or just appear at the background with your hideous face at the most random time! No kidding, as this is a big event, there will be news coverage by a few TV channels. So it’s your chance to appear on the big screen and make your family proud! LOL.

You can appear on the big screen like Kristine! XD

For all the reasons above, I’m definitely going to the event! Should at least go kepo a bit and snap a few photos of the celebrities. After all, I can have an excuse to go shopping after the event. Teehee.

This photo is totally irrelevant but I just gotta post it. Teehee.

Oh, I heard that there will be PC with connections for us to live tweet? Is that true? XD

Anyone attending the event? Tell me kay! Hope to see you there =)


JunJun-Riko said...

y u keep edit (enlarging) ur eyes like tat??? ur ori eyes not big enough meh??!!!!!

Copykate said...

junjun-riko: cause it's fun! kinda addicted to it. HAHAHAHA. maybe i will get bored of that some times and switch back to my ori eyes O.O

§oŁЇtǺ®ÿ ®o§ě said...

fuahh!! my face on your blog wey!! *proud* T_T

Copykate said...

solitary rose: nothing to be proud of. lol. u must have felt 10times prouder to have appeared on ntv7! XD

joanne said...

bt 21st oct is already over... do u mean 21st nov??

Copykate said...

joanne: omg. ya it's 21st nov! LOL. just changed it. thanks for noticing XD

Loo said...

Kate, seriously, you've got to stop editing your photos. I am serious.

Copykate said...

loo: why??? did u get an orgasm looking at them? oh dear. i know ur body has been producing a heck lot of testosterone. i know. . . lol

Ken Wooi said...

lol.. photoshopped eyes?
anyway.. great publicity for everyoneconnects =)

Copykate said...

kenwooi: yea that's some horribly edited eyes XD