Thursday, November 5, 2009

No UK4?

I was going through a temporary phase of depression. Next week is an important week which would determine the path of my future, and it’s going to make a huge impact in my life. Alright I know, it’s only A-Level’s. Just a Pre-U course. And by the time I reach the prime of my life, I would recall back how silly I was when I cried and succumbed to the pre-exam stress.

My blog has been neglected for the past few days, not particularly due to my devotion to revision (I’m still active in FB if you’ve noticed), but more because of my obsession with something trivial. But I know what my priority is. Hence I’m no longer wasting my time, instead, decided to step out and look forward to what I deserve. I’m feeling so much better after talking to Hik over the phone. He is always there when I’m down, I can’t imagine how I could possibly cope without him. Thank you for being so supportive darl! The adversities will eventually come to an end, and I promise we shall have lotsa great times by then!

Last weekend, darl was freed from his hectic work so we managed to hang out at Pavilion. I couldn’t remember when the previous time we shopped there was. Seems like a century ago. See, I didn’t even know that there was this lotus fountain there! The lighting changes every few second. Pretty cool fountain to pose with. Wtfreak. Hik said I was making a fool of myself looking like a suaku tourist. But it’s ok, cause I wasn’t the only one taking photo there.

I insisted that we take a photo together. Teehee.

So the evening goes like this: we shopped, had dinner at Subway (he wanted to try Teriyaki Chicken since it was Sunday, but it was quite a disappointment), passed by J.Co Donut and took the mini donut samples, bought two cream puffs from Beard Papa, passed by Cupcake Chic and took the mini cupcake samples (WTF man stop taking samples everywhere like auntie!), burped, shopped again blabla I’m getting boring talking like that.

Tried to pose like a Topshop model so everyone who sees it would shout in surprise: “Look, it’s Kate Moss!” Wtfreak very lame. I think my photo failed. Sigh.

There was sales in Topshop! Tried on a few outfit but none fits me. How can the smallest size be UK6??? It’s too loose! Especially the shoulder part. Fuck it man, why don’t they import more UK4? The choices are limited to Topshop Petite, and most of the time even the supposedly petite ran out of small size. Be considerate to skinny girls!

Nothing fits me anymore. The only time they look nice on me is when I camwhore in the fitting room. The only time I can disguise the flaws with a little angle adjustment.

A knit top from Zara. Simple and nice yea? But I didn’t get it. It’s always the shoulder. Pfft. Shoulder shoulder shoulder. And the arms.

Found a cool Zara t-shirt and it fits me perfectly! Gawd, finally something that fits well. Can you figure out what that fugly mutant creature is? Does it occur to you that it was the offspring of a bunny and an alien peacock? The bunny was abducted into the peacock spaceship and raped incessantly by a group of aliens. Or perhaps the bunny had sex with the alien creatures willingly la. Stupid.

I’m tired. I don’t wanna keep going on about alien sex. Gotta sleep now and continue my battle with books tomorrow. I need more motivation! Or a few words of encouragement which certainly help.

An ugly photo of me to mark the end of this post. What’s with the fake eyebrow, you ask? Teehee.


..*AnNiE*.. said...

Here's a few words of encouragement.Jia you in your studies and BEST OF LUCK during exams.=))

P.S.The knit top looks really nice on you.Me likey.XD

Copykate said...

annie: thanks sweetie! so glad to hear that from u. i will try my best! =)

yea i like it too, but certain parts are a bit loose. too bad. gotta hunt for another one next time. teehee

Anonymous said...

im going back to make you fat! =(

Copykate said...

jaycee: no! i'm already gaining weight! my face plum, my arms flabby. bring back some uk4 topshop clothings for me k! XD