Sunday, May 31, 2009

I Love KFC Flava Roast

If I were to name my idol, he would be none other than Colonel Sanders- the great founder of KFC.

Recently, KFC had just come out with their new Flava’ Roast meal. These three combos are exclusive and are only available in certain outlets. Click here for the full list.

So there we are, ready to go hunting for KFC Flava’ Roast combo!

Among three, Flava’ Roast Wings Combo is my favourite.

It’s beyond finger licking;

Makes me happy;

And needless to mention, totally yummy!

The fact that it was sold out simply proved it! I had to wait for another pair of wings because those gluttons had grabbed them all before my arrival! Well, good thing are worth waiting!

For only an extra RM2, you can get an add-on baked potato or giant cookie. Heavenly baked potato with cheesy toppings!

Within a few minutes, I gobbled down everything like a hungry ghost.

A group picture of our fellow KFC fans.

That concludes our Flava’ Roast Hunt. Good bye, Colonel! I shall visit you again very soon.

It's time to win prizes! I love Nuffnang, I love Flava' Roast!


CharLene said...

lol..... i never know there are such combo packages in KFC, i just ate KFC yesterday at the out-of-list outlet somewhere around genting klang.... =.= said...

no! don't kick colonel sanders's dick! you're hurting him! XD

Simon Seow said...

Sigh. Lazy to do the contest. lol.

Copykate said...

charlene: go try it next time then! wangsa maju and setiawangsa got. that's the nearest. must try the baked potato! XD

sirei: LOL u noticed! i didn't do it on purpose. aww sorry colonel =x

simon: no worries, u still have a few days left. teehee

Benjamin Chuah said...

o shit. u wrote urs ad =( i haven't start mine.. crap crap crap omg goin 2 end liao contest. fine whadvvera

EVo said...

What's ur flava, tell me what's ur flava :D

Copykate said...

ben: my post sucks. i need better idea X(

evo: LOL. they can't use that for their ads! teehee

Jackie said...

OWH! u have do it b4 me! LOL!

Lisa717 said...

dear~ this is such a interesting post!! wish u all the best k?? gayao gayao ar~ yalol..dun kick kolonel sander's bro..veli pain pain neh~~ :P

TianChad田七摄影 said...

Post up the third photo :)

Copykate said...

jackie: yep! u gonna post it too? teehee.

lisa: the post seems normal only. like nothing special. no inspiration :( LOL didn't kick it on purpose! XD

tian chad: u mean the trolley pic? that's what i was thinking!

PakarHowTo said...

Hi guys,
Even though you are my rivals (to win that RM1500 cash), I must say that you all are very creative.
Personally, I like all your photos.

All the best!

Copykate said...

pakarhowto: thanks. good luck yea ;)