Saturday, May 2, 2009

Mines City

Last week was my first time stepping foot on Mines Resort City. Parents were staying 3days 2night at Palace Beach and Spa for a business trip.

Being a good and filial daughter, I decided to pay them a visit, at the same time to explore that new place I haven’t been to.

The special feature of the resort is none other than the man made beach.

I couldn’t resist taking off my heels and walking bare feet on the sand.

They were given a room downstairs, and it was really convenient as we could just go out to the beach by the back door. There’s no need to take a big round through the lobby entrance. In case you are wondering, that’s Hik, not my dad XD

Look into the camera lah!

Beach umbrella is the best thing you could post with.

See, I told you I went bare feet! Teehee.

Someone refused to snap photos of me, so in the end I only have like, 3 photos of myself. 3! Only 3!!! Can you believe it??? Le sigh.

The man made sea. It was rather small, but I guess we’re allowed to swim there.

We went across the cave for further exploration.

There was this lake which is like the heart of the resort city, being surrounded by Mines Wonderland, Mines Shopping Fair, Mines Waterfront Business Park, Mines Resort and Golf Club, and of course, the 5 star hotel- Palace of the Golden Horses (or is it 6 star???)

Looking at the sunset while enjoying the breeze was rather romantic. I even requested Hik to piggyback me, and for once he did! Even though it was only for like, 15 seconds? It made me feel like some characters in Korean drama! LOL. I think he would probably laugh at me, since he isn’t too much of a Korean fan.

They were fishes in the lake, in fact way too many that it appeared scary! I had a vision of me getting bitten all over and turned into a skeleton within seconds by the evil fishes.

Later on, Hik and I smuggled ourselves into the buffet counter by using my parents’ pass cards. On the other hand, they did not wear any, as they assumed that the staff could recognise them.

Something’s wrong with the pic X( Dad, where were you looking? LOL.

I think nowadays I’m looking more alike to mum instead of dad. It’s a good thing, isn’t it? XD



wen pink said...


Copykate said...

wen pink: thanks! cute floral prints! <333

EVo said...

Walaueh ur dad looks so young he can be ur bro wei!

Copykate said...

evo: yea, sometimes people thought i'm his gf or something. LOL. his hair and outfit make him look younger by at least 10 years XD

L.Chew said...

nice photos with nice scenery, pretty lady, handsome daddy & beautiful mommy. =D
oh yeah...
and a lovely couples.

Copykate said...

chew win: wow that's a whole chunk of compliment! LOL. hmm, we have good photography skill, that's why. kaka

Maggie Mee said...

ur dad really look so young loh~~how old ah??

Copykate said...

mee9: he's 45 dy. looks young but no longer young. teehee

joshuaongys said...

like that also can ahhh

Copykate said...

joshua: what are you referring to? said...

your dress is so adorable!
and shit, your parents look so young and hip! they don't even look like parents at all o_O
your dad trying to be jonas bro? XD

Copykate said...

sirei: jonas bro? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! oh please. i think he's trying to be the korean actor from winter sonata XD

Melanie said...

wah , yr dad look damn young! and quite hot also! :P

Copykate said...

melanie: he's hot? LOL! yea i guess some young girls would go after him if they din know that he's married XD