Monday, May 18, 2009

A Surprise Visit

Yesterday was supposed to be a boring home-study day. A usual, I was studying alone in the living room. Suddenly, someone pressed the door bell and startled me. Housemates were all out so it couldn’t be their friends. It was Sunday so impossible there would be any delivery man either. So who could it be??? I was scared and confused. What if I open the door and get shot dead by a man with rifle? I know, such good imagination XD However, my fear couldn’t defeat my curiosity. I crept to the door side without making a single noise. I did not attempt to bring my key, in case whoever outside has a long elastic rubber-liked hand which could go through the gate and grab my door key even before I realised it. Slowly, I opened the door by one inch to peep at the stranger. I was at the risk of losing my right eye like, you know, in case the stranger outside poked some sharp object to make me blind -.-

At this point of time, I bet you couldn’t wait to know who the stranger is. An armed assassin with black coat, a long-handed monster, an old and ugly wizard or some nasty robbers? To my amazement, the person standing there, the one who had caused me so much fear, was way greater than any of the above! He was dressed in black, and was holding something in his hand. Omg is that a Secret Recipe cake??? Darl paid me a surprise visit, and even brought me a cake! Chocolate banana, one of my top favourites! Such a situation kinda reminded me of Katie who once asked her boy: Is this a booty call? LOL. I quickly opened the door, and even before he managed to enter the house, I shouted in joy, then jumped and clung onto him like a koala bear! The first thing he commented was my funny way of opening the door. Oops, now he thinks I’m a coward. Teehee.

As a return for his surprise visit, I cooked him Campbell (our all-time favourite). And that’s not all! We went to Chili’s KLCC for dinner! Needless to mention, the food there are extremely delicious and mouth-watering. I supposed the price we paid for is definitely worth it. Now, the thought of the Fiery Fish Fillet and Lamb Shoulder is making me drool. It’s only been one night, yet I’m already missing the food. Next visit should be Tony Roma’s! Gotta get the rebate for our previous receipts XD

Instead of preparing for the exam, I’m slacking like nobody’s business. You know how difficult it is when you have no motivation to study, yet you force yourself to open the book. No, it doesn’t work this way! I can’t force myself. The end result will end up the other way round X(

Oh, I forgot to mention, I was so glad to be able to step out of the house yesterday! Window shopping was more than enough to cure my depression =)))

Look at his expression! XD

Time to watch my new anime! Introduce me if you know any interesting ones, preferably about schools or romance. No fighting anime k, they suck! Hiak hiak.


howzan said...

have u watched azumanga daioh before?

Copykate said...

nope. but i will check it out! teehee