Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Need Your Help to Vote!

Hello people, I need your help to get free New Zealand Natural ice-cream!

Please do me a favour, will you? Teehee. Very simple steps, won’t take you too long.

Just go to New Zaland Natural’s page and become a fan.

Click: http://www.facebook.com/NewZealandNatural.MY

Then click the “like” button on this photo: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=3924772&o=all&op=1&view=all&subj=12081696871&aid=-1&id=643524072&oid=12081696871

And it’s done! Every “like” will be counted as one vote. So please click for me ya? XD

Really appreciate your help! =)))


Simon Seow said...

You really want to win the ice-cream or iPhone?

Copykate said...

simon: i want ice cream! LOL. if can win iphone lagi baik lo. but i'm not putting up high hope.

wen pink said...

LOL what face is eunice doing?! pout some more..

Copykate said...

wen pink: wtf face. LOL!